Author: Carol L. Roberts, M.D.
Publisher: Mercurius Press
ISBN: 0977931625

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There are a few subjects that people have a strong opinion of. A persons views of religion and politics stay firm even if a viewpoint that differs is compelling. People tend to stick to their views.  An individuals view on health and health care tend to be the same way.

Carol Roberts in her book: Good Medicine, A Return To Common Sense, gives an overview of many different medicinal viewpoints and a basic view of the human body and its functions. The book looks at health and health care from many different viewpoints in a straightforward way. Roberts begins her book discussing different forms of care, from coventional to holistic. She discusses the plusses and minuses of many different
choices. She also discusses how the body functions, from the digestive system all the way to sex.

Because everybody's view on health is different, I will discuss mine so you know: I believe Conventional Health Care is good for diagnosing problems and trauma type situations. Conventional medicine is lacking in treatment because it focuses on the symptoms instead of the cause of those symptoms. I believe proper diet and alternative medicinal approaches do a better job at treating the causes to problems. Roberts seems to present a similar point of view that differs slightly. When discussing different approaches to medicine, she discusses what that view is and then explains the basis of that view in a common sense way. The majority of the topics discussed were easy to understand and follow.

For those with a strong western philosophical views, some of her eastern philosophical thoughts may be difficult to accept. Most of those are discussed in the introduction, and chapter 5. The rest of the chapters should be easy to follow and understand, regardless of you philosophical viewpoint.

In general, I feel my understanding of human health to be strong. After reading Good Medicine, A Return To Common Sense, my knowlege of how the body works and the basis of treatment should be handled, grew immensely. The information was presented well and for the most part, just made sense. Even treatments that seem a little bit out there I am willing to try because of the straightforward approach Roberts took. I highly recommend this book and hope Roberts will follow it up with one that expands on the basics presented.

Click Here To Purchase Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense