Author: Brian D. McClure
Illustrated by Buddy Plumlee
Publisher: Universal Flag Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-933426-09-9

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A Storybook With An Important Message for All

I so enjoyed reading The Sun and the Moon to my grandchildren, ages five and nine. As I began to read, they sat silently listening to every word captivated by the beautiful illustrations throughout each page. An entertaining story indeed, but it also teaches the importance of unconditional love and patience. It teaches our children to be aware that for every action there is a reaction, and depending on the action taken the consequences can sometimes be devastating. The story describes how we are all dependent on one another as well as the world around us, that for every time we act out in fear and anger we not only hurt ourselves but hurt everyone around us.

In my opinion, I believe The Sun and the Moon also tells a poignant story that illustrates the importance of environmental awareness. Too many times we take our planet for granted – forget just how beautiful and nurturing she is. The author takes a unique approach in exploring the feelings a child sometimes experiences due to his or her anger toward one another. I particularly liked the fact that in the middle of the story the author breaks away for a moment and focuses on the human aspect of anger and fear. Through his book, the author teaches a positive lesson for children and adults alike.      

As the story goes, one day unexpectedly, the Sun tells the Moon he is through. He is tired of doing all the work. When the Moon questions his actions the Sun retaliates by telling the Moon his reflected light is not useful to anyone anyway. Reacting to one another’s anger, they walk out on their responsibilities - distressing the earth in a devastating way. Will the Sun and Moon be able to stop their quarreling in time to save the earth?

Brian D. McClure is the author of several books that share the interconnection and oneness of all such as, Who Am I? The Raindrop The Birds and the Frogs The Meal The Up and Down Day and The Bubble. McClure is also the founder and managing director of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. His hit radio syndication show A Call To Consciousness has won rave re-views and is one of the leading cutting edge conscious living talk shows in the U.S.A. today. He has been interviewed on CNN radio, PBS TV, NBC TV, and has appeared in publications worldwide.

 A joy to read and will make a great addition to your child’s storybook collection.

 Click Here To Purchase The Sun and the Moon (The Brian D. McClure Children's Book Collection)