Author: Nancy Deville
ISBN 978-0-9841284-0-2
Publisher: Heavenly Clouds Publishing

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Karma is a bold glimpse into the evil that exists in this world and within the human heart, defiantly told by someone who has been to the depths of society's stinking underbelly and survived. This book sweeps the reader away from the comforts provided by carefully crafted illusions of security and forces one to face the reality that no one is safe.

In the enchanting land of Istanbul the scent of exotic spices mingle heavily in the air with the greed, lust, and the festering stink of human suffering as a wealthy American doctor is roughly and unapologetically snatched away from a life of privilege and thrust into the confusing world of the human sex trade.

The reader follows Meredith as she claws back from the edge of demoralization, drug addiction, and insanity; at times clinging blindly to the remnants of her fading identity as her reality becomes totally unrecognizable rapidly disintegrating into blurred masses of one painful event after another. As she learns the painful rules of her new reality, Meredith refuses to claim these new circumstances as her new life; instead she repeatedly stares death rebelliously in the eye and fights, using every piece of guile and wit she can muster in her efforts to escape.

Throughout the pages of this book, one will find bits and pieces of hope desperate to not be forgotten amidst the ugliness that surrounds us all. It offers us redemption in the most unlikely of places proving that good does win over evil but there will be battle scars and souls will be sacrificed. Much more than the recounting tale of a victim, it is the delicately complex woven testimony of a hero who reminds us of the power and the strength of courage, determination and love. It is a tapestry of Universal laws manifest in human souls bound by the dualities of existence. Moreover, a yarn that reminds us that even ordinary people can do extraordinary things, small acts of kindness can forge lasting friendships, but perhaps most importantly evil is rooted in the unfulfilled desires, hopes and dreams of the unsuspecting and is a manifestation of internal agony. Spell binding and breathtaking, Karma is at once brutal and beautiful much like the cultural landscapes of Istanbul and Mumbai.

The medical facts sprinkled throughout the book give readers 0a much needed respite shedding light on, not only the emotional response to fear and prolonged suffering, but to the very real biological changes that occur when the body is faced with chronic physical, emotional, and mental stress. Above all this is a touching account of human growth.

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