Author: Dr. Charles Glassman
ISBN-10: 0984196307: ISBN-13: 978-0984196302
Publisher: RTS Publishing

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Imagine having a blind date with a famous basketball player. Your best friend sets you up on this date. Every bone in your body tells you that you should not go on this date because you think you are not pretty enough to date this man. As the time draws closer and he is about to pick you up for the date, your hands start to sweat and you feel nauseous. Something tells you to call his cell phone and cancel the date. What is it that keeps making you fall prey to what others have said about you or you feel about yourself causing you to feel insecure? It is your automatic brain. It is taking control of you and you need to release these thoughts and focus on what Dr. Charles Glassman will teach you in his book titled Brain Drain.

Think about things that happened to you in your childhood that often gnaw at you today. What about the girl that told you that you were fat or the teacher that made you feel inadequate in the subject that was being taught and then remember your reactions. Did your automatic brain turn on its switch to make you want to fight or flight? Did you let it control your movements, your every thought and take control? Now, with the help of Dr. Glassman and this informative and innovative book, you can take control of who you are, and no longer let your automatic brain dominate you.

Understanding the universal triggers that are associated with danger and that stimulate your Automatic Brain into action and understanding to believing, trusting and taking direction from it is your first step to believing in the Power of Your Mind.

In other words, do not allow your automatic brain to lead you to failure. The power of free will and the power of the mind will help you reach your desired goal. 

Throughout the book Dr. Glassman shares some of his patient’s stories and how they learned to deal with important issues that are common to all of us. Using a Revelation Grid he helps the patient create a chart, which will help them focus on using the power of the to make the changes in life, rather than falling back on what feels comfortable and safe. Try creating your own Revelation Grid and start your own Daily Magic Journal as described in part two and learn how to understand what your danger triggers are and how to defuse them.  

Sharing his own real life experiences and those of many of his patients, he allows the reader to become part of the journey and experience first hand, how Dr. Glassman dealt with situations where his own automatic brain tried to rule and how he cultivated his mind shared with the reader how he dealt with situations that triggered his automatic brain into action. Using will power, focus and awareness he was able to use the power of his mind to succeed.

To truly understand the power of your mind you need to read and follow the seven steps to belief in the final section of this book. Dr. Glassman takes the reader through many different ways to meditate, including his own experiences. The three stories that he shared that touched base with me and really helped me to understand how my Automatic Brain controlled my responses and thinking when I was younger and quite overweight. The girl who struggled with her weight only to declare defeat not to outshine her mother, made me realize why I never tried that hard as a child to be thinner than my sister. The man who feared a new job and failure helped me feel proud that I am taking a chance and starting my own radio show next month. But, first I did create my own revelation grid. The third was the one related to music as a way to cultivate your mind. If I heard Joshua Bell playing I would hope I would stop and listen. I loved playing the piano and would use it as a way to release tension at the end of a difficult day or just to make me feel good inside.

His Seven Steps To Belief will help you on your way to flipping the switch on your Automatic Brain to Off. What am I going to do today to show that I believe in the power of my mind: Follow the seven steps to belief, write in my Daily Magic Journal and tell myself that I am unique, special and powerful and rid myself of Brain Drain. You can too!

I am honored to have reviewed this book and I would love to read the emails that inspired you to write it.

 Click Here To Purchase Brain Drain - The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life