Author: Pat Mora
ISBN:  978-0-375-84375-4

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From best friends to teachers you won't forget who inspired you along the way; from watching your parents fill your life with love, to learning from all the other generations how powerful love can be, makes this a must read for anyone who is looking for peace, honesty, friendship, and love.

This book is an offering from an award-winning children's author who has taken everything we feel deep inside and turned those emotions into a beautiful tribute that people of all ages will adore.  The author took me through the beginning pangs of love that included creative dates where fortune cookies held the question of whether or not a young woman would go out with a young man.  Others told of how the young man pined for his love and left long-stemmed roses on the windshield of her car to make her smile.  I was then swept into a story of a young girl dancing with her brother's best friend, that took me back to a story of my awesome grandparents who had a love that "time would lie down and stand still for." 

My grandmother was like the heroine in Mora's poem, a girl who thought her brother's best friend was nothing more than a nuisance before he convinced her to say 'I do' and stay with him for the next fifty years.  There was a poem about parents who watched out for each other, checked to make sure the other one was safe and happy, making the children of that union know what real love really was and that they should never settle for less. While reading, I remembered the look that my parents would shoot at each other from across the room, and how great that look was - how honored I was to be in the presence of people who felt so much for each other.  Then, of course, I cried, because in the following pages I came across a poem that told of the "one day we'd kiss goodbye," that broke my heart - knowing that even the greatest and most beloved attachment can come to an end before renewing itself in Heaven.

The poems also told of the friendship between sisters - the private laughter we share, and the secret stories that only a sister whom you've loved and despised all your life can know about you.  I was brought back to History class as I read about that one teacher who writes notes on your essays - telling you that you are good with words, and that the world needs you to speak them loudly.  You remember that teacher who planted a seed in your soul, making you want to continue on that path and engage readers for a lifetime.  Of course, there was also the heartache of love being misunderstood, or not returned, like when your best friend who you've been with every day since birth decides to ask someone else to the prom.  And, for the first time, you realize you have been relegated to friend status only and your heart breaks in two.

The author speaks to you personally, using all different forms of poetry - from pantuom to tercet - to bring you back through the days of your youth; walk you through the mysteries of marriage; and remind you of the honesty, trust, and respect that comes from a lifelong partnership.  This is an incredible book where each poem makes you call up a memory that you thought you left behind years ago.  My personal reccommendation is the final poem in this glorious book called "My Song."  It is a powerful piece of writing that literally speaks to everyone at any age - whether you're just starting out into the world - or still tryng to claw your way through it:

So many memories,

and I'm still so young.

So many dreams,

my song's just begun.


Read and enjoy!  This is definitely one that will become a permanent fixture on your bookshelf.

Click Here To Purchase Dizzy in Your Eyes: Poems about Love