Author: Jim Moret
Publisher: Phoenix Books
ISBN-13: 978-1-60747-701-3: ISBN-10: 1-60747-701-7

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Imagine if this were the last day of your life. What would you do? Who would you see? And how would you act?

Deep in depression, in financial and marital trouble, and at his personal faith’s end, Jim Moret, Chief Correspondent for Inside Edition almost gave up the struggle by ending his life along a narrow twisty road in Malibu.

He discovered that he didn’t want to end his life but he also didn’t want to continue living with such inner turmoil and pain. Moret was propelled to discover what was really important in his life and to fix problems that had been going on for far too long.

The Last Day of My Life is a series of introspective and guiding essays on what is truly important in life. With refreshing and at times gut-wrenching honesty Moret covers the roles of important aspects of his life such as:

·       Sacrifice – remember that the family is more important than the career

·       Commitment – vows are important. Live them, honor them, and renew them.

·       Friendship – no man is an island and even when friendship involves struggle and pain, it is still one of the best things you can have in life

·       Tenacity – in the face of difficult challenges – never give up

·       Adventure – take chances and ‘just do it”

·       Legacy – ask yourself, what will be yours?

With complete honesty and subtle humor, Moret leads us through events in his history of life-changing events. We read about his “best friends” who had died and how he was able to live through the pain ultimately honoring their memories.

Moret also openly discusses his marriage and how through a series of putting job first instead of family it almost came to an end. Through counseling, dedication, and hard work, Moret began to realize the importance of his family ultimately renewing and reaffirming his commitment to his wife and children.

Written as a series of short, digestible essays, Moret, in figuring out what is truly important in his life, allows us to reflect on what is most important in ours.

Jim Moret is a journalist and Chief Correspondent for Inside Edition. He is a regular contributor and legal analyst for FOX, HLN, and CNN and both a guest and guest host for numerous programs including Larry King Live. He has served as the co-anchor for Showbiz Today, as well as co-anchor of CNN’s main newscast, The World Today, and anchor of CNN’s NewsNight.

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