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Author: Jan Yager

ISBN-10: 140274837X

ISBN-13: 978-1402748370

I learned a new word!  Distractionistis…  (Or is it a new disease?)

In Work Less, Do More:  The 14-Day Productivity Makeover, Dr. Jan Yager has put together a program that, if strictly followed, will allow the reader to get into the groove of getting out of having a cluttered life.  When I first got hold of Jan Yager’s book the thought that was on my mind was “Now this is something that I will be able to use for my work – it is something that I badly need…”  After reading the book though it is clear to see that stretching your time and not getting things done is holistic.  You cannot simply work on this at the office and expect to have more time.  Habits have to be developed, goals have to be set, plans have to be made and prioritization (sometimes radical prioritization) has to take place.

The author adds several productivity tools throughout the book, some of them are diagnostic exercises and some of them are meant to be used daily.  To be quite honest I normally skip these tools when using self help books but then I decided to just keep my phone log, one of the first tools in the book, for one day.  It became glaringly apparent to me just the work that needed to be done to get this part of my life under control.  And from there I went on and tried other tools as well.  Batching work.  Working on my “internet addiction” and the author describes it.  Putting more time into advance planning rather than just diving into my work.  I swear this is like when you haven’t been to the gym in five years and then you decide to jump right in to two full aerobic work outs per day!

As I mentioned earlier, Jan doesn’t leave the productivity at the office.  She also makes sure that you are tending to your family, romantic partner, children and others in your social spheres.  Some of the hardest part of the “work out” Jan Yager’s book puts you through is coming to terms with the parts of your life that you will have to put on the back burner or even eliminate.  I personally have lots of work to do in this realm and can’t find any easy way to get through this.  But I suppose the mantra should be “no pain, no gain!”  I also have had major problems with delegation, which Jan Yager puts in high stock.

I have put recurring tasks in my Outlook on my computer just so I can revisit Jan Yager’s pointers in the future and to make sure that the new muscles I have stretched haven’t gone flabby again.  I think I will keep at it until I wouldn’t be embarrassed to let Jan Yager see my desk…

 Click Here To Purchase and/or Find Out More About Work Less, Do More: The 14-Day Productivity Makeover