When I started creative writing, I felt like the Lone Ranger. I didn’t know a single writer, or a single writing rule, for that matter. Further, I had no idea where to go to get the knowledge. Creative writing classes were too expensive, and it never occurred to me that the library had a wealth of information at my disposal (duh); thus, I was totally on my own. There is no worse way to learn writing than that.

After writing for two decades, I accidentally stumbled into a creative writing group. It made a huge difference in my life. It was there that I found leadership capabilities; it was there that I ventured into the vast, empty space beyond anything I had ever dreamed. As a direct result, I have founded two writing schools.

Here are six good reasons why you should join a writer’s group:

· Find other writers who think and act as you do. You can talk in forums, by email, or chat privately. Other writers understand how you feel.

· Other writers can critique your work, and you will critique theirs. By this simple but effective method, you can improve your writing by leaps and bounds. (Don’t get your feelings hurt by someone criticizing your favorite story. On the contrary –

use 95% of their suggestions to edit it, and then put it out again for more reviews.)

· Being part of a writing community gives you awesome opportunities to search out latent talents and bring them to life. You can create contests (or help others who create them). If you like graphics, you will have a wonderful opportunity to sell them and gain exposure.

· You can browse various ports and read material by other authors. Then it will be your duty to give a review on their work. The more detailed your critique, the more they will appreciate it. Tell them if they miss a comma, or should have used a semi-colon; tell them if their plot was thin or the scenery didn’t convey to an image in your mind. This is what they need to know to improve their performance. By interacting in this way, you will soon learn what is good and bad writing, and what you want to emulate, and what you should avoid.

· If you are an experienced writing, stretch yourself by experimenting with a new genre. A writing group is the perfect place to try out new material.

· Prove all the people wrong who said you will never finish what you start, and that you will never be a real writer! A writer's group is the best place possible to practice your trade to perfection.

You will find dozens of writing sites to choose from. Yahoo has an unlimited number, but another site that you should check out is Writing.com. It is one of the leading writing groups on the net. It has a lot to offer. Membership is free, and you will receive lots of instructions to help you get started.