Author:  R.C. Ryan
ISBN: 9780446548618
Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

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New York Times best-selling author Ruth Ryan Langan, under the pen R.C. Ryan, has written more than ninety fiction novels, both contemporary and historical in a career spanning more than twenty years. Other titles include: Montana Destiny, Montana Glory, Heart’s Delight, Paradise Falls, Ashes of Dreams, Cover Up, Wanted, Passions Law, Angel, Deception, and Nevada Nights. She has also co-authored books with Nora Roberts. She resides in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Amy Parrish was the one person that Jesse McCord ever let in. But when she left with no explanation, Jesse closed himself off, focusing only on his family’s ranch. Except now Amy is back, tending to a sick father and offering to help Jesse find the illusive McCord gold, a legendary tale of hidden treasure passed down in the McCord family for generations. With Jesse’s grandfather passing away before telling of where he’s searched for the gold, his two prodigal cousins returning to the ranch, Amy back in his life tearing at his heart, and an unseen enemy closing in and threatening their lives… Jesse is about to lose his sanity.

There are three criticisms that stood out to me while reading the book. One, it is never mentioned what Amy’s father is sick with, though cancer is implied. Two, the mystery element wasn’t really introduced until halfway through. And three, Jesse seemed to forgive Amy rather swiftly. None of these things deterred me from reading, but were more observations.

This is the first of Ruth’s books I’ve read, though I did, of course, recognize the name. It’s no surprise how she’s captivated audiences for as long as she has. Ruth writes with an elegance rarely seen anymore, with imagery in her setting as her strongest suit. You really get a feel for where you are and who you’re reading about. Without dumping it on the reader, you’ll learn a lot about ranching and Montana while reading this book. The secondary characters really stand out, from an eccentric Aunt Cora, a sly Cal, or the two displaced cousins, Wyatt and Zane, they add to the story nicely. I like that the hunt for treasure will continue in the next two books, Montana Destiny (Wyatt’s story) and Montana Glory (Zane’s story). A great book about life, love, dreams, and coming home again. Recommended!

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