Author: Ruby Dominquez
ISBN: 978-1-4327-1782-7

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A script written by a talented and cunning mind turns around the premise that the Salem Witch Trials were the source of hauntings, possessions, and curses unknown at the time. Dominquez takes a factual set of events and writes a riveting tale of possession that spans centuries.

A Peruke Maker is the old term for a wig maker. A fine craft, craftsmen of this art were very talented and in high demand in the wig conscious times of the late 17th century. The story starts with the dream of a girl running in the night after her dog. Both she and the dog are covered in blood. When the door is opened and her father appears she is told it is only ink. But that is only the beginning of a mesmerizing tale of horror.

Dominquez crafts a tale depicting horrendous panic and horrible torture of innocents. From the time of the Salem Witch Trials, the Cane’s are a family cursed with witches. Kate Cane, the wife and mother, has already been killed as a witch and haunts the town of Salem as a banshee. Thomas is the Peruke Maker trying to live with his daughter, Bridget, in the midst of this turmoil. The events that follow logically lay the foundation and build the plot for the horror that follows. As the accusations fly, Bridget is labeled a witch, tortured, and is eventually put to death. Thomas, with no on e left and no feelings except bitterness, takes matters into his own hands and issues a curse that stays active into modern times.

A time shift occurs then and the story continues. The main character then becomes Sarah Cane. Although it is not apparent or stated in the book, she appears to be a descendant of the original Cane family. Via the mechanism of a wig, she is drawn into the mystery and the curse. The detailing of such a troubling time for many, into words and pictures show the passion, the innocence contrasted with the shear frustration of a community in panic. Well written, Dominquez maintains impeccable timing and pacing with the scenes unfolding one into the other up to the surprising conclusion.

The book is highly recommended for any that can appreciate the script in this form. For all others, wait until the movie comes out. This reviewer loved the script and will watch for the release of the production with bated breathe.

Click Here To Purchase THE PERUKE MAKER: The Salem Witch Hunt Curse