Author: Dawn Del Russo
ISBN: 978-144956336
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

Click Here To Purchase 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle: A Cheeky Book with Tidbits of Advice for a Glamorous Lifestyle

Fashionistas and Glam Queens out there this book is a definite must have for 2010 and your fashion book library. Dawn Del Russo has hit the mark with this great book filled with beauty, fashion and lifestyle tidbits to keep you looking fit, great and up to 365 days of the year. Whether you are a teen, tween, adult, senior or any age there are tips in this book for you. This brings me to my review of 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle by Dawn Del Russo.

Starting the book with an introduction that definitely whets the appetite to read more and learn about her amazing fashion, beauty and glam tips, Dawn begins our journey into a new way of thinking about fashion. With simple guidelines to follow and great tips to make you look great this book sets the standard for guides to looking great.

After reading the book three times I can tell you that each tip is great but I am going to share just five with you and the rest you will have to read for yourself.  I am going to start with my fifth favorite tip and work my way down to my first. Number five is Be Yourself: No one likes an imitation of the Real Thing. That is so important when dealing with people, your family and life in general. Next, number four is Wear What you Love: I wear things from many different boutiques and stores that are not always high-end but no one can tell which pieces are designer and which are not.  This of course leads to tip number 3, which is Mix It Up. Mixing high-end pieces with less pricey ones will not only enhance your wardrobe but who has to know where you bought your outfit. Making a fashion statement is what I do each day. I am definitely my own fashion consultant and always dress for success each day even if I am just going shopping for food to taking a walk to stay fit. My second favorite tip is Make Up Quick Change. It is so important to wear the right makeup to go with winter and summer. Finally, tip number one that should be on every to do list, every daybook and calendar: My favorite tip is: Tip 101: Believe you Can Do Anything. If you do not believe in yourself then no one else will.

There are many more fashion tips, lifestyle changes that your can make which are quick, easy and affordable to make. This is a great way to start the New Year and keep some of those resolutions that you made to glam up, exercise, look better and make yourself feel special to YOU!.

Adding to the book and making it really come to life are the fantastic illustrations by Barbara Ann Scarrillo. The illustrations added to each tip help them come to life for the reader.

After reading this book, I made sure that I have a standing nail appointment, my hairdresser is a phone call away, and I cleaned out my closets today to make room for more fashionable clothes to go with my figure after losing weight. Fran’s Tip: Read this book and log on to Dawn’s website at and learn more. I never give stars to books that I really think are great. I give this book Five Perfect Glam Girls that followed Dawn’s Tips.

 Click Here To Purchase 101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle: A Cheeky Book with Tidbits of Advice for a Glamorous Lifestyle