Author: N. Chris Prince
ISBN: 9781934938942
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Three men who met in the military under different circumstances that brought them together decide to take on running of a major corporation. Ruthless, cunning, backstabbing, deceitful and self-absorbed are just some words to describe them. Each man with his own private agenda pretending to befriend the others. But, there is much more evil and sinister behind the plot of this book that deals with blackmail, murder, and a CEO who everyone hates and wants eliminated at all costs. Three ex-marines who try their hand as corporate executives, ending in disaster and catastrophically. This brings me to my review of Pay the Devil His Due by N. Chris Prince.

The book begins with short bios of the three main players involved: Tag, Gunner and Reid. Each of these men has a stake in running the company and its financial success. But, success comes from good corporate managing and in this company the top executives were milking it for their own self-indulgences.

Founders of the company called GenBios, Gene and Mak Lim created this company whose discovery of a drug used in the treatment of certain muscular-and neurodegenerative diseases generated a lot of interest within the biotech community and on Wall Street. The drug called Haestecel received FDA approval and the company’s stock rose. Haestecel put Genomic Biotherapeutics on the map. This company lasted for 25 years until the old regime retired and the new took over. Thomas Alton Gray Jr., Marshall Reid Payne and Graham Woods who drastically changed the company’s mission. Not concerned about the patients that the drug might help but instead focusing on self-interests and self-aggrandizement, and monetary gains, three men take what is good and turn it into the unspeakable.

As the yearly stockholders meeting is about to come about, CEO and Chairman Tag as he is referred to, have to field many issues one of which is to make sure that two stockholder proposals are never passed. Reid, the legal council for the company and Gunner the chief audit officer, need to make sure that these proposals never make it to a vote. Tag being arrogant, abrasive and lacking patience, Reid, underhanded, crafty and having his own hidden agenda, need to make sure that the meeting goes according to his plan. But, someone is out to get Tag and would like to eliminate him permanently. But Who?

Added into the mix is a very savvy and smart lawyer named Norah who appears to have an interest in Tag. Each playing the egos of the other, both Tag and Norah orchestrate their encounters for their own purposes and more. Even when the past comes right back to haunt him, Tag, who can talk his way out of any difficult situation, manages to convince Norah to continue their relationship.

With the economy failing and the company’s stock taking a downward slide, the need for restructuring and downsizing was imminent. But, one person’s plan for restructuring his group reaps the company in a positive way, while the plan is costly. Although the plan sounded cost effective, the end result was detrimental to the financial status of the company and cost more than the company could afford to lose. When Tag learns of the deceit and misappropriation of the funds by the other top member of his corporation, he decides to keep a closer eye on him with Gunner’s help.

Committing many illegal activities against GenBio and using Haestecel to enhance another drug called Super B illegally and many more illegal acts, Reid got what was due him and more. How he is brought down will make your blood curdle.

Added to the mix is a police sergeant named Alex who works with the local sheriff’s department who takes on a combative stance when dealing with Norah, who proves to be a worthy opponent. Just what happens and how does each character’s past come into play with the events in the present, you have to read this novel for yourself. Will justice win out? Will anyone pay for the deaths of these two men who died so horrifically? Who else is involved?

The phrase Pay the Devil His Due means to give deserved credit for an act even when you might dislike or hate the person. Each of the main characters at some time needed the other to help them out of serious trouble or assist the other when they needed something covered up. How the author brings down Reid and eliminates Tag is so well crafted and staged you will not see it coming. The unexpected ending will give you cause to pause and ask: Who paid the devil’s dues: those that were killed or those that were left behind: or justice.

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