Title: All Things at Once
Author:Mika Brzezinski
Publisher- Weinstein Books

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A Memoir For Everyone

I enjoy reading about others lives, even when I know very little about them. That was the case when I decided to read Mika Brzezinski's, All Things At Once. I became a little worried when the marketing of the book was focused on career women. I have the wrong plumbing and I am perfectly satisfied working with my wife in her in-home childcare business. With that said, I went into this book wanting to provide insight relevant to anyone interested in Mika's book.

All Things at Once, by Mika Brzezinkski reads much like how she describes her career. It starts out with the intention of doing great things. The direction of the book is pretty rough with signs of promise. There are parts that are good and others that fall short. By the last third of the book, the memoir comes into its own. It pulled me in and began to tug on me in an emotional way.

The beginning of the book takes a glimpse at Mika's childhood. It is interspersed with mentions of her career. Mika's father was the national security adviser during the Carter administration. Her family in all aspects were country folk that enjoyed hunting and had a lifestyle far removed from the Washington socialite scene they had become apart of. The memoir glances over this information, which if given more detail would have been excellent reading.

Mika goes on to highlight the start of her career. She discusses her choices that created a hectic and stressful life. All this leads to an accident that made Mika take a closer look at her decisions. This becomes a vital turning point in her life. Mika's family dynamic is different from the typical two working parent household. The demands put on Mika and her husband, because of their careers, create a dynamic that may shock some reading the book. 

As Mika details her first move to MSNBC, the focus of the book becomes clearer and the story begins to hold my interest better. Her experiences in the latter part of her career are detailed in a way that was very interesting and moving.

As described in the book, Mika stretches herself quite thin. With this in mind she put together a good memoir. If Mika had more time to dedicate to her book, it could have been great. Overall, I enjoyed the honest and telling look into her life. I would recommend it to anyone, not just career minded women.

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