Author: Beth Pattillo
ISBN: 978-0-8249-4793-4

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Speaking from personal experience, I can honestly say that Jane Austen did put a “crimp” in the feminine world.  She had the absolute nerve, a long time ago, to write the perfect man.  I know, I know, men all over the world are rolling their eyes right now.  Mr. Darcy was a pompous man who was prejudiced against people “lesser” than he was but, for some inane reason, women find Mr. Darcy absolutely irresistible.  Ms. Pattillo’s first book was called Jane Austen Ruined My Life, and I just love this writer’s words, not to mention her concept.  Not only are her theories correct, but the titles of her novels hit the proverbial nail on the head.

In this wonderful offering, we follow Claire Prescott to London.  She is filling in for her sister at a Jane Austen seminar being held at Oxford.  Claire is a great woman; her parents died when she was eighteen and she took over the upbringing of her younger sister, Missy.  She put her life on hold to be the absolute best worker, sibling – all round person she could be.  She also has a boyfriend named Neil.  Neil is a good guy, but he’s a “guy.”  He ignores Clare quite a bit, and spends most of his time watching sports on television.

This Jane Austen seminar is a good break for Clare.  Flying to a country she’s never seen to a college which is absolutely fantastic, is just what she needs to perhaps get her head together and make some long overdue decisions.  Sitting down at the seminar the first day, a man appears.  A big, New York publisher, who is just about the best-looking man Clare has ever seen.  And he reminds her completely guessed it…the formidable Mr. Darcy.  Not only does Clare have a romantic dilemma, but her trip is about to get a whole lot more confusing.

While walking in the gardens, she comes across a lovely older lady by the name of Harriet.  Harriet takes Clare back to her cottage and presents her with a long lost, original, copy of First Impressions.  Any Austen fan will tell you that this is the first draft of the beloved Pride and Prejudice which scholars believed was destroyed in a fire centuries ago.  But now…is in Clare’s hands.

With the help of Jane Austen’s original manuscript, delving into the reasons behind picking Mr. Darcy to be with the incomparable Elizabeth Bennett, Clare begins to find herself within the pages of the master storyteller.

 A book that is high on romance and threaded with intrigue, this is a book that everyone will enjoy – not only us die-hard Austen fans.  I look forward to many more from this author.  I also want to pass along my appreciation to her.  Long before there were “Twi-hards” in the world, we women were hooked on Mr. Darcy for all the right reasons.  And I am so glad he never went out of style.

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