Title: Elmer the Christmas Elf
Author: Marilyn E. Randall
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
ISBN-10: 0557153336
ISBN-13: 978-0557153336

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Christmastime is a time of many traditions and special memories. Marilyn Randall's new book "Elmer the Christmas Elf" brought back many comfortable snapshots of my youth and those of my children's, when my family would snuggle up to read favorite Christmas stories. "Elmer the Christmas Elf" is a magical story of a special elf who worked all year in Santa's workshop.

Elmer worked diligently everyday making toys for all the boys and girls of the world for Christmas. Every child must have a toy and he lovingly worked to make sure that happened. No child would ever be left out. One year, when that most wonderful time of the year rolled around, something happened that distressed Elmer. Without giving away the story, I can tell you, that because of Elmer, wishes, prayers, Santa and an angel, a remarkable Christmas miracle was pulled off. This Christmas book will be one to share with your family and will make your own holiday moments new and special. It will touch the hearts of young and old, and seamlessly blend with other favorite Christmas tales.

Marilyn E. Randall is not only the author, but she is also the illustrator of this enchanting book. The scenes and characters on each page are colorfully brought to life by her talented hand and mind. The traditional red and green colors of Christmas were enhanced by a variety of non-traditional bright hues. This beautiful book will look charming placed among your decorations, ready for your next cuddle and Christmas story time.

Ms. Randall has a brilliant knack for bringing cherished and whimsical characters to life with her beautiful poetic stories. The rhythm and cadence of her tales provide a musical joy that will have your children memorizing and repeating the lines of this precious story for years to come. Her books are what memories are made of and are a gift to receive as well as share.

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