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Author: Cathy Travis

ISBN-10: 0981453422

ISBN-13: 978-0981453422

Actually, I think this book isn’t for only kids.  Every American citizen should have a copy of it.  We have forgotten what this document says and what it means to each and every one of us.  My hat is off to Cathy Travis for undertaking this work so that the young ones in the United States would have a guide to the most important document in our government, the basic law of our land.

The book is well laid out, easily understood and goes into detail in an extremely apt manner the nuances, including the controversial aspects of the document.  Throughout most of the book the actual words of the Constitution are in a column to the left of the page and then the explanation of the text is on the right.  Cathy Travis has broken down the explanation quite often to include examples to make the words easier to understand for the reader.  From time to time she also adds historical information to make the overall study even more pleasurable.  Her language is plain and intelligible but not necessarily language that you would take as written for other than the casual reader.  I would liken her style to the writing you might find in Reader’s Digest – written for everybody to read.

I would like to go back to my comment at the top of this review for a moment.  I think it is no shame for adults to study this book in the format that Cathy has laid it out and I would encourage people to do so.  It could easily have been titled The Constitution for Beginners as far as I am concerned.  We could all do with a perusal of this book, whether the goal be for the study of the Constitution for the first time or whether it be to brush up on your knowledge of its content.  Far too many of us Americans have no real idea of what our constitution says let alone what it means.  None of us have to be historians or legal experts in constitutional theory but it is our duty to understand our government and to know our rights granted by this document.  As a big “L” Libertarian I believe that the knowledge of our constitution is of the utmost importance to our everyday lives.  Not only is the Constitution the cornerstone of our government but it is the very basic document that protects all the rights that we take for granted.  We need this knowledge justo be good citizens.

To put it mildly, I am happy with the work done on this book.  It is very good that Cathy Travis believes this constitutional learning should start with our youth in schools and she has done an excellent job at putting this book together.  And on a more personal note, I am also happy to know that the author is from my home state of Arkansas as well…!

Click Here To Purchase or Find Out More About Constitution Translated for Kids / La Constitución traducida para niños (Bilingual Edition)