Author: Julie Hadde
Publisher: Guideposts
ISBN:  978-0-8249-4788-0

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So many Americans are what is called morbidly obese, they weigh so much that they are in danger of several illness and death due to weight.  Julie Hadden was one of those people.  She had the perfect life, a wonderful husband, a son, and the chance to stay at home to raise him.  She had family, friends, and a strong spiritual life.  She was blond; who could ask for more?  But, she was also severely overweight and it was ruining her life.  She didn’t have the energy to play with her son, was embarrassed to go out in public, and even ashamed to be intimate with the husband who adored her.  She needed a change.

That’s exactly what she got.  When she was picked to compete on The Biggest Loser, she was thrown into a radical program that overhauled her whole life.  In the book, Fat Chance, she tells us about her struggle, her pain, and her triumph.

The book is divided into three parts, her life before the program, the grueling days on The Biggest Loser, and the struggle to keep the weight off once she was on her own again.  Julie is a very charismatic writer and her personality shines through her words.  I never watched The Biggest Loser and I knew nothing of her before the book, but by the second chapter I was convinced she was a warm, friendly person.  Her writing is simple and welcoming, as casual as a talk with a good friend.

A wonderfully refreshing part of the book is Julie’s faith.  People don’t often openly speak of their religion, but Fat Chance is not only a story of weigh loss, it is a personal testimony of her faith.  While she had always been a ‘born-again’ Christian, she didn’t have a strong personal relationship with God.  However, when she faced the toughest challenge of her life, the breakdown and rebuilding of her whole body, she found strength in the Lord.  It is delightful to read and to think perhaps your faith could be that strong.

This book is a great read for everyone, skinny and thin.  It isn’t a book just about weight loss; it is a book about facing your demons and surviving.  Julie’s demon was her weight and the emotional issues behind it, but what she did will inspire anyone who has a large barrier to overcome and needs the strength to succeed.

Click Here To Purchase Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth