Author: Richard Schenkman (Author) & Humberto Braga (Illustrator)
ISBN: 978-0-9841808-0-5
Publisher: GMI Books

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Athena Crowley is a child with extraordinary abilities. She could swim before she even learned to walk. Persistent and curious, she would explore the underwater world, help out at the hotel where she lived and enjoy a really happy life living in an amazing place where she could go on water slides. This brings me to my review of the Girl from Atlantis by Richard Schenkman.

This book captures the reader’s attention from the first word on the first page. The book is beautifully illustrated helping the reader visualize the world where Athena lives and plays. Athena lives with her parents in the Atlantis hotel in the Bahamas.  Her father is a marine archeologist who studies ancient civilizations. Athena loves to live at this hotel and enjoys going down water slides, playing games and learning about the underwater creatures that live below the sea.

On her third birthday the family decided to spend the day sailing,  her parents wanting to do something special for her. Irina, her mother even gave her a special locket as a present. Then the bright blue sky turned black and within minutes a giant whirlpool turned the boat inside out.  Although Athena is safe, her mother is thrown overboard and no matter of effort can save her from getting sucked into the eye of it and disappearing forever. Just as fast as it happened is how fast the weather reverts back to normal, as if the sea became angry and then calmed down.

Learning to cope with life without her mother, Athena and her father build an even stronger bond.   She works hard in school and volunteers at the Dolphin Cay, the habitat created for 17 dolphins that were rescued when Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home.

Athena has many secret spots where she likes to climb and explore. One morning while exploring in one of her favorite spots, she sees a turtle floating on the surface. This chance encounter with the turtle, and her new friendship with him, will change her life. She will learn things about herself that will surprise her. She will learn about many new underwater places, and to understand and communicate with the sea creatures around her.

With her new sea turtle friend, Archibald, she learns about the city of Atlantica where the mer-people live. The city is magnificent and run by a King named Triton. Not everyone living there has a great life and soon Athena learns much more about these people and her heritage. Enthralled by what she sees and learns about this beautiful place and about her her own ancestors, she becomes part of their community for a short time and learns the true plight of many of the people living in Atlantica. She learns that in this land, the mer-people rule and the humans are slaves.  What impact that has on her you will have to read for yourself.

Returning from an international conference, her father Robert becomes frantic when he realizes she is missing. With the help of many of the people on the island he begins to search for his missing daughter. Meanwhile, with the help of Archibald, Athena plans her escape from Atlantica, hoping to be reunited with her father.

What does happen at the end will surprise the reader. Learning about her true heritage and the people of this city will explain the reasons for her amazing abilities. The surprise ending will astound the reader and endear you to Athena even more. This book is about love, friendship, trust and loyalty and a little girl who would not give up. This book is a must read for all children.


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