Author/Illustrator:  Schim Schimmel
Publisher:  North Word
ISBN:  978-1-55971-640-6

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Children of the Earth...Remember is the second book created by artist Schim Schimmel.  It tells the story of Mother Earth coming to be in the Universe, first inhabited by animals who loved her.  And then, the humans came.  The idea was for humans and animals to live together in harmony.  But the humans do not have the same affinity for their Mother as the animals do.  As their numbers have increased over the centuries, they have started to forget how to live in harmony with their animal family, and their dear Mother is losing her beauty as she is being abused. 

But the animals remember.  They remember their Mother's lushness and beauty that existed long before the humans came.  They remember what it was like to live in harmony.  And they strive to remind the humans of these things.  Humans need to reconnect with their animal family to remember how to take care of their Mother Earth, who is their home.

Again, I am mesmerized by the surrealist artwork contained within this book.  When reading it to my students, ages 3-6, they question again and again if these paintings are real or painted.  They evoke emotion through their vivid beauty and intricate detail.  You become inspired to get motivated to help.

The message of the book is a recurrent theme in Mr. Schimmel's works:  The Earth is ours, but we share it with the animals, as well.  It is up to us to protect it for all life found on her.  We need to remember how she used to be and strive to bring her back to her former glory.

This book is a great way to start even the youngest child on the right path of caring and helping.

Click Here To Purchase Children of the Earth... Remember