Author: S. J. Robinson

Publisher: Bridgeway Books

ISBN: 978-1-934454-30-5

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As many premature deaths at the hands of unskilled physicians or untested drugs come to the public’s attention through newspaper and televised media, many others may go unreported for whatever reason—out-of-court settlement, unreported or unproven cases, or even worse a full scale cover-up. The FDA fights a never-ending battle to keep bad drugs from entering the United States from countries such as China and Mexico where drug testing is limited at best and non existent at worst. The Internet is inundated with case after case of improperly tested and approved drugs released to an unsuspecting public—diet drugs that adversely affect the heart, pain drugs that damage muscle and cartilage of the joints, and the list goes on.


In her new book The Price of Death S. J. Robinson deftly creates realism in her characters in a very realistic case of medical malpractice and the horrors of medicine gone wrong. As a student of both medicine and law, she very capably breathes life into her characters and story line.


Jessica Lamm, an up-and-coming attorney in the beautiful sea coast city of Seattle, Washington, takes on a medical malpractice suit when a young, healthy accountant dies suddenly in the ER of a large hospital, leaving a wife and young daughter struggling to understand what has just happened in their lives.


When her husband, Brad, dies suddenly, Mary Thompson seeks the aide of Jessica Lamm to help her uncover the mystery that shrouds Brad’s death. Doctors and hospital staff at the ER seem to be reluctant to give Mary the answers she so desperately seeks.


As Jessica delves ever deeper into the machinations of one of Seattle’s largest medical care conglomerates, she finds herself becoming buried in a quagmire of shadowy characters, shady deals, counterfeit drugs, and murder. Jessica quickly becomes a victim herself as thinly veiled threats make her life miserable in her quest to uncover the truth behind Brad’s unexplained death. She expertly locks horns with William Baker, the obnoxious and over-bearing attorney representing the hospital and the attending physician at Brad Thompson’s death.


Jessica’s associate and new found friend, Drew Stewart, offers his help on the case but eventually becomes, in Jessica’s mind, a suspect in his own right. She becomes afraid to trust anyone as she works to uncover the true culprit in this modern day who-dun-it.

S. J. Robinson has woven a hypnotic tale of suspense and intrigue worthy of the most renowned writers in the field of mystery. A mystery that you surely won’t want to miss.



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