Author/Illustrator:  Schim Schimmel
Publisher:  North Word
ISBN:  978-1-55971-225-5

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Dear Children of the Earth:  A letter from Home is the first book created by world-renowned artist Schim Schimmel.  In it, Mother Earth is writing a letter to her children, the humans, asking them to please remember to take care of her.  She has provided so much for her children and takes care of them.  She points out that when we look into the mirror, we only see ourselves.  But when she looks into the mirror, she sees all of the animals who live on her.  And she reminds us that we are all one big family.

Mother Earth points out how humans have been destructing her gifts as they carelessly cut down trees in forests, thus taking away so many animal homes.  They are dumping garbage into the rivers and oceans, polluting the waters that sustain so many.  They don't realize how strong the impact of one person actually is, whether it be positive or negative.  She hopes that her children will strive for the positive impacts.

Mother Earth simply has one request:  Love her.  By loving her, and showing her how you love her, you can show the others in our family to love and care for her, as well.

Her message is important, for both the young and the old.  We always need to be aware of our actions, as the impact is often more far-reaching than we can ever imagine.

The paintings that illustrate this book are those for which Mr. Schimmel is most famous.  He paints the masterful creatures of the wild in majestic scenes that encompass their natural environment and the beauty of the Earth, all rolled into one.  They are awe-inspiring when one looks at the detail and realizes that these were created with acrylic paints.  A picture is worth a thousand words -  this book speaks volumes.

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