Author:  Krissy Smith
Publisher:  Doodle Dots, LLC
ISBN:  978-0-9824260-0-5

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Jingles the Elf by Krissy Smith is Elf on the Shelf amplified.  He comes in a special box containing the book and a little elf, but then so much more.

The story of Jingles is similar to that of Shelf, as it's about Santa's little helper who comes to watch over children in the days leading up to Christmas, to report all naughty and nice behaviors to the man in charge up North.  He plays hide and seek with the children, hiding when they are sleeping, so that they can find him when they are awake.  But he also does even more.

Krissy Smith's book contains two versions of the story of Jingles.  One is written in prose, to tell how his game works.  The second is written in rhyme and tells the history of how the game came to be.  It is followed by a hot cocoa recipe, for families to share.  The other recipe is for sweet-smelling homemade ornaments made out of dough.  Jingles also provides an activity to help families build literacy over the holiday season. 

Most touching and unique in this book package is ways for families to help others in need.  Jingles shares how he and his friends decorate "The Giving Tree" that helps to feed wildlife.  There are also links to numerous websites that tell how families can give around the world, or to their own local communities.

The book is very sweet, and the stuffed elf toy that accompanies it is actually cute.  This is a great memory-building activity that will stay with families for years to come.
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