Author:  Tracy Richardson
ISBN: 978-1-935462-25-5

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I’ve been blessed in these past few weeks with young adult books that have taken me to places I have absolutely not wanted to come back from.  This book will be one that will sit on my shelf for a very long time, and I will pass along to my daughter, her daughter, etc.

We begin our story with Marcie Horton and her family.  Marcie is a lovely girl, who has a normal life with a loving family.  She lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and she is about to embark on her summer vacation at her grandparents’ cottage in Lake Pappakeechee.  Now, she’s twelve years old, you see.  She’s getting into that time period when she is a young adult.  A whole summer of spending time with her grandparents on a lake seems quite boring to her right now.  But her older brother is ecstatic about it, her father has to work, and her mother is going on a “dig”, so Marcie is stuck.  She is also having some very strange moments.  Marcie, lately, is having visions…feelings of flight when she’s riding her bicycle down a hill; an image of a girl in strange clothing who runs in front of Marcie through a maze and then disappears.  Marcie can’t quite understand what’s going on, but she’s determined to find out and get through the summer the best way she can.

Unexpectedly, and to Marcie’s great happiness, when she arrives at the lake, she catches up with a very popular girl named Kaitlyn Swyndall.  Now Kaitlyn, at school, is not the type of girl who hangs out with Marcie.  She is über-popular and über-beautiful, and way out of Marcie’s scope.  But here on the lake, Kaitlyn takes Marcie under her wing and brings her into the popular fold.  She even makes Marcie part of her team that competes in the local sailboat race every year.  There’s a part of Marcie that very much wants to fit in and become friends with these people, but her heart and head keep finding too many things that are different between herself and Kaitlyn’s wealthy world.

Early on in the summer, Marcie finds out that developers (Kaitlyn’s rich father, in fact) are trying to develop the area near the lake.  They want to completely clean out James Woods and build luxury homes – effectively turning the lake into a rich country club, and banishing the history of the land with McMansions.  When this news is found out, Marcie’s dreams get even more intense and she finds herself on a mission to save the area for a young girl who no longer exists. 

I loved this book.  The writer really delved into all the areas of teenage angst.  From the gut-wrenching scenes of peer-pressure to the maximum, when poor Marcie has to find a way to fit into a world that she doesn’t understand – and, doesn’t even like – to the effects that big business has on nature conservancy and the preservation of the past – the author has found a way to focus on major issues in an absolutely fun and exciting way.

I look forward to reading a lot more in the future from this writer.


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