Author: Samuel Lopez
Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-158985-158-0

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Stinky Little Scroungy is one of the True Stories About Saving Animals series by Samuel Lopez. He and his wife Cheri live on a one hundred year-old farm known as the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. It is their mission to rescue lost, abandoned, and injured animals. Those who cannot find a new permanent home are always guaranteed a home on the farm.

Stinky Little Scroungy is the story of a puppy who is found abandoned in a cardboard box filled with rags by the side of the road near the farm. She is young and tiny, missing all of her fur. Instead, she is covered with a red rash.

Mossy, the little boy who discovers the box, rushes her to his aunt and uncle’s farm, where he knows she’ll be given good care. Cheri isn’t sure they will be able to do anything to save the puppy, but says she will try.

After a few weeks, the puppy’s rash goes away, and her fur starts to come back. Mossy names her “Stinky Little Scroungy”. Even though she isn’t the cutest little puppy, her loyalty to the family who saved her and desire to play with all of the other animals has made her a permanent part of the family at the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary.

Most of the accompanying illustrations in this book are real photographs of the animals who live on the farm. Just a few of Samuel Lopez’s signature illustrations are in there. But these photographs bring a strong sense of truth and reality to the story.

The story demonstrates the kind of cruelty to animals that exists in this world, and shows how love and compassion can bring about miracles. It’s a great learning tool for children.

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