Author: Samuel Lopez
Publisher: Little Five Star, a division of Five Star Publications
ISBN: 978-158985-159-7

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Our Orphaned Owls is one of the True Stories About Saving Animals series by Samuel Lopez. He and his wife Cheri live on a one hundred year-old farm known as the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. It is their mission to rescue lost, abandoned, and injured animals. Those who cannot find a new permanent home are always guaranteed a home on the farm.

Our Orphaned Owls is the story of a couple of owls who were nesting on their farm for several years. Finally, in their sixth year, Mr. and Mrs. Owl hatched two baby owlets. A few days later, a terrible storm comes in, with raging winds and a cold rain.

Cheri is very worried about the owlets. When the storm subsides, she goes to check on them. She finds that Mr. Owl has left some food for them. But the next day, there is no sign of either parent. The larger owlet is frantically trying to fly out of the nest, while the smaller one lies motionless on the bottom of the nest.

Cheri brings them both back to the farmhouse, to warm them up. She and Farmer Samuel decide they are going to raise the owlets themselves, because Mr. Owl will be unable to do so by himself.

They feed them homemade, healthy food to help them grow big and strong. As the owlets grow bigger, Samuel and Cheri create a safe environment for them to learn how to fly and to develop the skills they would require to live in the wild.

Eventually, the time comes when the compassionate couple needs to say goodbye to their beloved birds. They set them free and say goodbye. But the owls return year after year to sit in the tree and to sing to their beloved surrogate parents.

A few illustrations grace the pages of this book, followed by numerous photographs that document the growth of the birds from owlets to juvenile owls to full-grown adults. My personal favorite is one in which it appears the two owls are hugging each other.

This is another book that is great for teaching children how to be compassionate toward animals. They learn how to care for birds, as well as a glimpse into the life cycle of the owl. It will make a good addition to any scientific study about birds in general, or specifically owls

Click Here To Purchase Our Orphaned Owls (True Stories about Saving Animals)