Author and Illustrator: Lily A. Goldman
Publisher: Azergo
ISBN: 978-2-9811384-0-8

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Mrs. Nosy – A Composting Story is a humorously delightful and beautifully illustrated story of the magic that can happen when one composts.

Mrs. Nosy is envious of her neighbor’s garden and when she is told it occurs through the help of a good fairy who sprinkles magic dust at night, she plots to stay awake and catch the fairy in the act. The neighbors have fun fooling Mrs. Nosy until they laughingly confess that the magic in the gardens enabling the flowers to grow so well is actually compost made from kitchen scraps.

Mrs. Nosy is a gentle, clever story that teaches youngsters about the value of composting and how it can be used to better everyone’s lives. The relationship between Mrs. Nosy and her neighbor’s daughter Sooz is charming and is one of mischievous respect for each other. At the end, Sooz willingly shares her compost “fairy magic” so that Mrs. Nosy’s garden could flourish.

The text is accompanied by beautiful brightly-hued and inventive watercolor illustrations depicting gardens in full bloom and the compost (complete with bugs, worms, and discarded apple cores). The final picture in the book depicting a young child skipping through the butterflies while a pair of hands embraces a flower is simply stunning.

Mrs. Nosy is a wonderful and charming book that introduces even the youngest readers to the magic of composting.

Lily A. Goldman is a Montreal artist, author and book reviewer. She was born in Egypt, lived in Paris for three years and moved to Montreal in the 1960s. Her other published works include: Kaliky and Jojo, A Greyhound Story, Nofret’s Magic Hair and the Lucky Scarab (about the discovery of hieroglyphs in Egypt), and Farmer Norm (another composting story).  Goldman has also illustrated The Potter and the Painted Lady by K. Frey.

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