Author: Marilyn E. Randall
Publisher: Lulu Publishing
ISBN-10: 0557100410:  ISBN-13: 978-0557100415

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Marilyn E. Randall's children's book, For Faithful Friends, relates a lovely story of friendship and God's love. The beautifully created turtle and compassionate mouse portray the colorful vision of the story's faithful friends. I was immediately mesmerized the moment I saw Ms. Randall's beautiful illustrations-even before I read one word of the story. She is not just the author of this poetic children's story, but also the very talented illustration artist.

Marilyn Randall's soothing rhythmic poetry has the perfect lilt for this appealing Christian story of faith and friendship. She combines the unlikely friendship of these small creatures of nature and creates a believable message of faith, trust and friendship.

For Faithful Friends is about a scared and lonely little turtle, who is too afraid to move from his spot under an old berry bush and a sympathetic and insightful little field mouse. The mouse takes care of the turtle, bringing him food and offering him companionship. He encourages Turtle to come out of his shell and leave the protection of the bush. He tries to convince Turtle to live his life instead of hiding in fear and counsels him to take that first step. The Turtle listens politely, but is sure something bad will happen to him if he ventures out of his protected home and he constantly worries about Mouse and the other small creatures. With a feeling of doom, he is sure something will hurt them if they don't watch out.

Mouse shares a secret with turtle. Trust and faith. Trusting friends and having a strong faith in God. Friends and God will always be there when things get scary and they will still be there for enjoying life when it is good.

For Faithful Friends will be a treasure to share with young children or grandchildren and will enhance any school or home library. Make this story a warm and fuzzy bedtime ritual and in no time your children will be filling in the blanks between your pauses. Use the story as a circle time lesson for early education classes at the beginning of the school year, when coming out of a protective shell may seem difficult.

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