Author: Sally O. Lee
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 1-4392-61114-8:  ISBN: 9781439261149

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Stop It! is a children’s picture book focusing on the topic of bullying. The protagonist in the story is a little boy named George. As a typical brother, he likes to bother his sister, Anabel. This annoys Anable, but she tolerates it. When George goes after the family cat, Lulubel, Anabel finally has enough. She yells at George to stop. George isn’t quite sure what to do when this happens, and he’s upset. Thinking about the situation, George decides to be nice. This prompts Anabel to be nice.

Bullying is an important issue and certainly needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, it is a widespread problem and one that is difficult to stop. Discussions about bullying should begin when a child is in preschool and continue on through high school. Books such as Stop It! help by bringing about an awareness in young children.

According to

“Bullying affects ALL of our children — those who bully, those who are victimized, and those who are witnesses or assistants to interpersonal violence. We can and must reduce this age-old problem.

Statistics on the rates of bullying and cyberbullying vary between studies due to the measures used, the questions asked, and the population studied. However, the general consensus is that one out of three children are bullied at school, in the neighborhood, or online and that one out of three children bully others.”

Stop it! is a simple story with colorful, bold, and simple illustrations - the type of children’s book that young children can relate to. While the brotherly antics of a little boy dosen’t actually constitute bullying, picking the cat up by its tail does. According to the book’s description, “It is a story about fairness, gentility, and courage.

Hopefully, other writers will get on the bandwagon and creatively bring a steady light on the topic of bullying. It will take the continued efforts of school administrators, teachers, parents, writers, and each of us to: educate all children about bullying; to make bullies accountable for their actions; and to find a solution to this prevalent problem.

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