Author:  Angela Muse
Illustrator: James McCullough
Publisher:  CreateSpace
ISBN:  978-1449555979

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Lil Glimmer by Angela Muse is a charming story of a little star of the same name. He desperately wants to run around the sky to play, and is very frustrated when his mommy tells him he has to wait his turn. Right now, the sun is out shining and playing. Lil Glimmer has to wait until night comes for his turn. 

Mom talks to him about taking turns and being patient. He tucks into a cloud to go to sleep until Mom wakes him up at nightfall. She reiterates the concept of sharing with Mr. Sun, then sends Lil Glimmer off into the night.

He plays hard, swinging on the moon, riding comets, and having a lot of fun. When daytime begins to break, he realizes that Mr. Sun is back up, and it is time to let him have his turn.

The story is absolutely adorable. It teaches the values of patience and sharing in a way that speaks clearly to young children. The vibrantly colored illustrations exhibit the bright glow of the sun and the stars. The characters are cute and relatable to children, as they have all had to take turns and share with others. 

This is a book that parents can share with their children and refer to during discussions that emphasize the values of patience and sharing.  It's a delightful story that will entertain young ones during story times both at school and at libraries. It could also easily segue into a science unit on the solar system, as there are stars, the sun, the moon, a comet, and pictures of planets.

This is the first collaboration between author Angela Muse, and her illustrator brother James McCullough. I look forward to seeing their future projects come to life!

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