Author: Manjula Maraynan
ISBN: 978-1-4490-3366-8
Publisher: AuthorHouse

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Manjula Naraynan has brought to light a topic that all parents, teachers and children need to address and one that faces us all at one time or another: ANGER. Using the color red to signify anger we enter the world of the red Red Car learning many things that cause the car to become upset or angry and what happens as he continues on his own path of destruction. This brings me to my review of the book by Manjula Naraynan, The red Red Car.

As we meet the red car we learn that he is having a really bad day and is huffing and puffing wanting to get to his destination without having to follow the traffic signs or stop for any lights. Our car is angry all the time whether it is raining, snowing, sunny or cloudy and throughout every season. Using the color red to indicate the first name of the car as being red, our author shows what happens when you don’t pay attention to your emotions and you get so angry that you wind up hurting yourself.

The red Red Car sees a banner asking for participants to enter the world’s number one racing event, the Grand Prix. But, our car needs lessons in anger management before entering this or any other competition. Everyone knows that when you drive a car you need to follow the safety rules. You need to make sure that when you are driving that you are calm, alert and be courteous on the road to the other cars and drivers. But, our red Red Car did not like to follow the signs and what happens when he gets so hot  and cannot go further helps the car to realize that he needs to make a change before something worse happens.

Using a rebus to help younger children understand what happens to the car when he is hurt and injured as a result of his anger during the race, will help children understand why they need to learn to talk about their feelings with adults and not use anger as a means to an end.

Does our car finally learn his lesson? Does he finally realize that he needs to stop being angry in order to get well both physically and mentally? What happens at the end you will have to read and learn for yourself.

In a very well illustrated book that will help a non-reader and younger reader understand the emotions depicted in each illustration, children of all ages can learn from our red Red Car that anger is an emotion that needs to be controlled or you might not like the end result.

I would definitely recommend this book to all young readers and to teachers and guidance counselors dealing with children with anger issues. 

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