Author: Jennifer White

Illustrator: Colin White

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing

ISBN: 1-4392-5983-6


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What a fun and inventive ride 
On the Edge with Coolhead Luke takes you on. From the very first page where there is an ode to Coolhead Luke- a boy of extraordinary bravery, to the last page that can’t help but leave you with a smile, this book is a winner all around


In the Shel Silverstein style of fun and humor, each page opens up to a child-oriented poem that is cleverly illustrated by Colin White. Colin is the middle school aged son of the author Jennifer White. This book is their second collaboration, the first being Coolhead Luke and Other Stories.


It’s clear that these two work well together and respect each other. The poems are funny and perfect for young readers who adore Seuss-like cadence and the illustrations add a unique additional layer of understanding and fun to the text. For example, the poem:


My Hat Did It


I never steal, said Peter Pratt

But I can’t speak for this new hat


I tried to tell it to be good

And still my hat took what it could


But I can have this ice cream, yes?

Or eat it first, and then confess?


Has a wonderfully simplistic drawing of a kid’s hat reaching for ice-cream. Apparently the hat really did steal the ice-cream after all.


To help with the mechanics of poetry, the book includes a glossary of terms and a guide for teachers and homeschoolers.


This highly creative effort from team White makes this one very special and delightful book perfect for any young ( or even older) reader who likes to laugh.

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