Author: Susan Zaraysky
Publisher: Kaleidomundi
ISBN: 978-0-9820189-8-9

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Travel Happy, Budget Low, is a well organized and easily read book containing over 200 tips for making your travels both pleasurable and less costly. Susan includes numerous personal stories that are entertaining (including the fly-away passport) yet educational. Learning from others is certainly less painful than having to learn ourselves.

Although a portion of the material will quickly become dated, Susan has augmented the majority of the material with well placed online resources to help keep the traveler up-to-date. The tips offered are all very sensible, germane and presented in a condensed form. Like her travels, apparently, Susan appears quite adept to packing a lot into a small amount of space. The amount of information contained in this short 152 paperback is immense.

The book is organized into the broad travel related sections you would expect to find, such as transportation, accommodations, foods, communications, and money but it doesn’t stop there. Ms Zaraysky has mixed in other ideas like packing, frequent flyer miles and health and safety. The result is a well rounded set of valuable ideas to help you in both planning and executing your travel plans.

As a world traveler with multilingual skills that most of us could only imagine, Ms Zaraysky has packed a lifetime of travel experience into this book. To look at her young age, you are not only surprised by her extensive travels but by the fact that she is already an accomplished author with multiple books in print. Her writing style is to the point and effective while not boring the reader into a stupor. Her ability to take rather dry subject matter like travel preparations and how to find more reasonably prices accommodations, all speak to her ability as a writer. It is an effectual presentation both in detail and in presentation.

What is most appealing about this book is that, out of the 200+ tips, I would be hard pressed to count more than a handful of thoughts that I would not find useful. Seriously, almost everything is applicable and is either a helpful hint or something you will want to take advantage of. They are almost universally valuable and thus, I can only highly recommend the book to travelers all over the world.

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