Author: Jewell Parker Rhodes
Publisher: Washington Square Press
ISBN 978-1-4165-3711-3

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Jewell Parker Rhodes, author of Yellow Moon, has penned many award-winning novels. ( Voodoo Season, Voodoo Dreams, Magic City, Douglas Women, and Porch Stories) (2009, back cover) She is founding chair and artistic director for the Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University. Currently she resides between Scottsdale, AZ, and Boston, MA.

Yellow Moon is set against the backdrop of New Orleans, LA which is steeped in magic, revelry, and mystery. One of the lead characters is Marie Levant, she is a doctor for the ER in Charity Hospital and a single mother. She also happens to be a voodoo priestess where she is generally well respected and sought after for rituals and ceremonies. In this particular novel she gets to put to use both of her talents.

Marie’s mentors and close friends are Doctor DuLac and nurse EL. Both are aware of her special talents and are instrumental in helping her to develop them further. She loves them like family and in many ways they are her extended family. One evening while working in the ER strange, mystical, evil things begin to happen. During this heady spell Marie meets, works with, and eventually falls for a young detective, Parks. She and Parks are yin and yang. However, they fight their mutual urges that this chance meeting and work afterward is anything more for the vast majority of this book. Slowly they come to depend and understand each other and it becomes inevitable that they will be one.

Ms Rhodes novel merges world religions, health and healing, with myths and superstitions in a place where the supernatural become real and in this case, evil. Marie and Detective Parks along with a cast of special characters track ten or more murders that share a weird bloodsucking phantom as the cause of death back to one restless spirit who really wants Marie. Marie and this phantom’s souls knew each other in previous lives and that relationship had not ended well. Via his bloodsucking of hapless victims all over New Orleans, John becomes real and known to Marie. This information she finds out from one of her ceremonies with DuLac. John wants revenge and sets out to kill anything and everything close to Marie. Can Marie effectively extinguish him or is she doomed to be his mistress in death as well as their previous life?

This book was more than spellbinding to me. I began reading it and could not put it down. For anyone whom enjoys a murder mystery with supernatural twist this is a must add to your reading list! 

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