Author: Reneau Peurifoy\
Publisher: Lifeskills Publications
ISBN-13: 978-0-929437-16-3. ISBN-10: 0-929437-16-0.

Click Here To Purchase Why Did God Give Us Emotions?: A biblical perspective on what science has discovered about emotions

Why Did God Give Us Emotions? is most definitely not an overnight read, but rather a spiritual workbook that requires effort and insight – after all, you can’t expect an epiphany in the form of instant gratification, can you?

The most outstanding characteristic of this book is its clarity. The author, Reneau Puerifoy, uses an allegory of how six blind men “see” an elephant as being a completely different object, depending on which part of its body they each feel:  a leg; its tail; its trunk; its ear; its side; and a tusk. From what they feel, they, in turn, perceive the elephant as a pillar; a rope; the thick branch of a tree; a big fan; a huge wall; and a spear. In short. They all get it wrong.

So, too, are we likely not to be able to understand ourselves and our own emotions if we focus on only one aspect of our being. Peurifoy considers our subjective, physical, mental and spiritual emotions, in terms of how they relate to our entire being, as well as how they relate to one another. A thoroughly God-centered work, this guide to emotional well-being guides you step-by-step through the healing process. And this is where your work comes in. Rejecting the role of the reader as passive bystander, Reneau asks of us that we unpack our emotions as we go, in the form of a journal. By doing so, he helps us to relate his sound advice, gleaned from many years as a practicing Christian marriage and family therapist specializing in anxiety disorders, to how we perceive the world (and, oh boy, can we sometimes see it in strange ways – see the analogy above!). He also provides suggestions on how to find a good church, how to develop a regular prayer life, and how to seek help when you really need it. For all the chapters, Peurifoy also gives several small group discussion questions, so that you can transform your personal encounter with his text into a small group therapeutic setting.

Packed with biblical references and checklists, Why Did God Give Us Emotions? stimulates us to grow, not only inwardly, but also in the relationships that we have with others around us. If you feel emotionally troubled and would love to undergo a spiritual facelift, why not buy a copy of Why Did God Give Us Emotions? It’s the equivalent of hours of therapy (and who among us can afford to pay for other forms of face-to-face counseling these days?).

Click Here To Purchase Why Did God Give Us Emotions?: A biblical perspective on what science has discovered about emotions