Author: R.B. Holbrook
ISBN: 978-0-557-09588-9

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Oracle's Legacy: Shadows of Fate is a trilogy of books by author R.B. Holbrook. The books revolve around a secret civilization known as ‘The Structure’, which has been in existence since about 6000 BC. This society is the most powerful in all of history and strives for enlightenment. To do this they create their own tiered system of enlightenment for its inhabitants. The structure is made up of seven houses: Blade, Heart, Sun, Stone, Flame, Breath, and River. These houses are classified by the type of energy its members can manipulate. These beings live alongside humans, but hide their existence from them.

It is the second volume in a trilogy of books that transcends the tag of science fiction. The book picks right up where Volume I (Children of Sun) left off. Shadows of Fate begins slowly recapping the last pieces of the first book. A familiar and friendly face appears to us from the start with the Oracle Bethea. She’s being held an apparent willing prisoner in a penthouse owned by the Head of Flame Arthur Clifton. The structure that we’ve been given bits and pieces of until now is beginning to crumble. The battle is underway between the many forces that welcome this collapse and those that do not. Ollie, the character of focus in the first volume, and her family will be caught in the middle of the impending chaos.

Holbrook has created a world that is familiar and at the same time unique. It is a world filled with power and energy. The powers that reside in the people who populate this world are as fascinating as the storylines. For every killer, there are healers. We are given soul possessors, mind benders, flame throwers, seers, and the mysterious shadow dwellers that appear more prominently in Oracle’s Legacy: Shadows of Fate Volume 2. There is major power in almost every character we meet, but it never gets old. Most likely because the great contrast in that they all have major weakness to equal those powers.

The second book is a lot of info (a product of being the middle of three books) but that never diminishes the flow or enjoyment. There is so much that needs to be explained or set up for the third novel. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Shadows of Fate is being able to be there and see how the relationships and people in the story grow. While Ollie is still clearly a huge piece of the story, we get to see more of her family and surrounding characters. Relationships are built and the action is different from that of Oracle’s Legacy: Children of Sun Volume I.

The action is often unexpected and enthralling. Holbrook weaves an intense tale of power, secrecy and fate. The world is vivid and entertaining but the characters are the main power here. Each and every one of them from the frail yet powerful Bones to his brilliant brother Ellis and stubborn and stern Ollie are wonderfully created. Volume II is just as fast paced and action packed as the first. While it is possible for Shadows of Fate to stand on its own as a novel, reading the first book beforehand adds to the enjoyment. Both books are detailed filled and imaginative.

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