Author – Carmen Bredeson
Publisher – Enslow Publishers, Inc.
ISBN – 13: 978-0-7660-3122-7
ISBN – 10: 0-7660-3122-5

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Fainting Goats and other Weird Mammals (I like Animals!) is a beautifully photographed, highly entertaining, and informative book that engages kids of all ages.

This brightly colored and well designed book had us all of my kids pointing at the pictures of those strange mammals and saying ‘No way!” to each other. Intended as a young child’s book, the design and information was able to hold the attention in our family from the youngest child (9) to the oldest (18). Each child enjoyed learning about some of the weirdest animals on the planet and how they behave. Adding to the educational value, a beautiful full page photograph of each animal is included with each description.

Talk around our house after the kids read the book centered on details like “Did you know the Pygmy Marmoset’ is as big as a person’s thumb?” And “Hey mom, there really are fainting goats who when they get excited fall over onto the ground!” The book’s information prompted further discussions and even a few searches into other facts about some of the animals listed.

Designed to be educationally helpful, a glossary of terms used in the text is at the front of the book. To aid in looking for additional information, a bibliography and a safe list of websites on mammals is also included.

The scientific material and language in the I Like Weird Animals series is overseen by the Series Science consultant – Dennis L. Claussen, PhD, professor of Zoology and the Series Literacy Consultant – Allen A. de Fina, PhD, Dean, College of Education/ Professor of Literacy Education.

Author Carmen Bredeson, a former high school English teacher, has a master’s degree in instructional technology. She has written more than seventy books for young people.

Click Here To Purchase Fainting Goats and Other Weird Mammals (I Like Weird Animals!)