Author: Frank McKinney
ISBN: 13: 978-0-7573-1383-7: (Hard Cover): 10-0-7573-1383-3 (Hard Cover)
Publisher: Heath Communications Inc

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If you are looking for a first-class practical guide to residential real estate investing, pick up a copy of Burst This! Frank McKinney's Bubble-Proof Real Estate Strategies.

McKinney began his residential real estate investing over twenty-five years ago when he purchased a thirty-six thousand dollar property in a neighborhood that most of us would not even think of driving or walking through, let alone invest in. It was a dilapidated crack house that he called a fixer-upper. Six months later he netted a seven thousand dollar profit. This was the beginning of his real estate career that has now led him to construct distinct and unique homes that sell for millions of dollars.

What I found particularly noteworthy about this part real estate investment principles, part psychology and part philosophy book is that I personally have witnessed during my thirty-five years as a title attorney the application of many of the principles McKinney enunciates in the book. These rules, as the author states, are not only for rough times, nor for good times, nor only any other specific time. They can be applied any time and for different scenarios such as buying a home for yourself, or investment purposes, or perhaps even staking out a career in real estate.

McKinney informs us that the basic distinction between himself and others who would like to do what he does, but don't (or don't do it successfully), is that he has an appetite for and willingness to take on bigger and bigger risks. He does live with fear nearly all the time, however, as we note, he always takes calculated risks. He thoroughly does his homework before he decides to purchase a property. Although nothing is one hundred percent sure, McKinney counsels his readers to strive for clarity which he breaks down as follows. Is a particular deal something you believe in with all your mind and heart? Do you see this as an annuity that will return big dividends for you and your family? Does it make financial sense according to the formula, he details in the book?

Divided into four parts, McKinney covers such topics as your mindset and psychology that you must adhere to in taking intelligent risks no matter what kind of a market we are in; anticipating and making market trends; setting the record straight as to what is really happening with real estate investments for the short and long term. Considerable ink is devoted to locating, negotiating, buying a property and then how to go about improving it so that it stands out from the rest. Another section examines closing deals and your buyer and a complete system for selling your property. McKinney guarantees you that if you diligently apply his advice, you will be able to dominate your chosen real estate market and do so with greater confidence.

An important part of the book's appeal is its clarity and down-to-earth explanations backed up with several real life examples. The information contained in each chapter is excellent and well organized concluding with a simplified summary of the principles that are exposed. McKinney's book succeeds admirably as a straightforward primer for anyone interested in residential or even commercial real estate.

Click Here To Purchase Burst This!: Frank McKinney's Bubble Proof Real Estate Strategies