Author: Glenn Boyer
Publisher: Legendary Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-887747-40-0

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What did you learn in your high school history classes? Was it dry and uninteresting? Did it make your eyes glaze over and cause your head to nod? Where the Heart Was, by author Glenn Boyer leads you effortlessly through American history from the Revolution to the Great Depression, on a personal and fascinating path. Mr. Boyer relates the tale of Bennie Todd, a young boy during the Depression, with storytelling reminisces and poetic memories. Through Bennie's eyes, a tale of his dreams, family and heritage unfolds. I felt like I had opened an antique steamer trunk and discovered the journals and diaries of Bennie's ancestors.

Our first introduction to Bennie and his family is in Chicago. The family is living in a cold-water flat during the agony of the Depression. The failing economy had forced them to move to Chicago from the family farm, but the change of location did not improve their financial situation and daily life was a constant struggle. Mr. Boyer showed us how defeated the human spirit could become when hope for a future seemed dismal. They longed for the farm land they left behind.

Bennie spent a lot of his youth devouring the knowledge from any book he could get his hands on and spending time with his imaginary friends, Buck Doaks and Pro Bono Publico. When Uncle Newt showed up in their lives, he became an encyclopedia of knowledge on the family's history and was more than happy to share amazing information. Thanks to Uncle Newt, life improved for the Todd family when they returned to the farm country they loved so much. The family's self esteem blossomed and they were all able to stand a little taller.

Through visions, dreams and the tales of Bennie's ancestors we are bathed in a kaleidescope of Revolutionary, Civil War and Great Depression history, from the intensely personal to the outright famous. Bennie's American pioneer family and Indian heritage crossed paths and created the fascinating history of true patriots.

This partially autobiographical novel provides a realism to historical dates and famous Americans. Abraham Lincoln, Sitting Bull and Franklin D. Roosevelt are just a few of the historical characters that are blended into this masterful tomb of history. Glenn Boyer is a master storyteller at weaving the fabric of America's history and mesmerizing the reader.

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