Author: Jeffery Leever
ISBN: 978-0979996061
Publisher: Capital Crime Press

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Brett Duncan is a college student at Tremont College. His best friend, James Reed, also a student, is mistaken for Brett one night after the two of them are invited to the Health Center by a friend. Brett is taken downstairs to the basement after Reed and suspecting foul play, Brett breaks out a window and escapes.  Reed disappears and is found dead a few days later. The local police are reluctant to help for some reason. A retired policeman, Desmond seems to be the only one who wants to help find Reed’s killers. Then Reed finds out that Avery on the police force has his hands tied by Chief Viner. Viner had rather keep the status quo and not rock the boat. But the killing of a young girl a couple of years ago keeps raising its ugly head being predicated by the young man laying in the hospital in a coma who had been with her. The killer had shot him also but he had managed to live but remained in a coma. With Reed’s death, all these ugly facts once again raise their ugly head to plague the guilty parties.

Desmond has kinfolk who just happen to be an investigative reported Kevin Gibson. One phone call and a lot of arm twisting and the promise of a hot story get Kevin in his car with an able rookie named Jackson on their way to the scene for a bit of snooping. And Kevin is excellent at his job where Jackson is inventive and smart. It seems nothing escapes these two.

In the meantime Brett has met a girl, Ciero, he thinks the world of and comes to believe he could spend the rest of his life with. Now if only she felt the same way as he does. As he tries to solve the mystery of who killed his friend Reed, he also tries to court Ciero and sort out his feelings for her. He also notices he is being followed by a strange man who floats in and around the shrubbery like a ghost. Sometimes you see him and most of the time you just feel his presence. In talking with the school janitor one day, Brett learns about the tunnels that exist under the College grounds. He and Ciero decide to explore them one day and find all kinds of odd markings and evidence that someone had been using them recently.

The young man in a coma in the hospital, Zack, was surprised one day when his girlfriend visited him. She had returned from Europe after a long stay. As she talked to Zack, he came out of his coma and started mumbling which later developed into talking. He identified the killer. The cops went to Nebraska and confronted the previous Tremont attendee; after the gun battle, Abner the killer of the young girl lay dead. Now, they needed to know who killed Reed.

Brett Duncan had run down enough clues to know which professors he suspected and which students he suspected so he had a good idea of who was involved with the underground rituals and cult that was going on. When he was kidnapped and forced to watch a rape scene he was disgusted. He refused to watch the sacrifice scene until Ciero was brought out and threatened with rape. It was then he found out she was a member of the cult also. His further refusal landed him in a cage for the next few days. Jerome took it on himself to torture Brett until he agreed to watch the sacrifice scene and pay homage to their cult leader. Was Brett’s faith in the living God great enough to sustain him? If no one knew where he was and no one could help him what would his fate be?

Jeffery Leever has written a suspense novel, chocked full of mystery, unusual twists and turns, all in a setting we can relate to. It is amazing how he has interlaced the intrigue of his novel into a page turner that will not allow a reader the luxury of putting it down. It keeps tugging at you to read one more page. If you enjoy a suspenseful and intriguing novel with a mystery you can’t figure out, you will enjoy The University by Jeffery Leever.

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