Here is a first. Sports Illustrated Books has come up with a sports pop-up book entitled Sports Illustrated Kids: Wow! The Pop-Up Book of Sports with bold and vivid scenes of some of the most fantastic moments in sports history. Enjoy Tiger Woods' life from child prodigy to all-time great, share five favorite moments with Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, the Boston Red Sox's winning of the 2004 World Series, one of the all-time NFL heroes, LaDainian Tomlinson, tennis champions Serena and Venus Williams, champion skateboarder Danny Way leaping over the Great Wall of China, the greatest Super Bowl upsets, and surfer Kelly Slater, the king of waves.

All of these spectacular pop-ups have been brilliantly designed by paper engineer Bruce Foster who has designed nearly 40 pop-up books for publishers, museums and companies, among them Simon & Schuster; Random House; Little, Brown and Company; Disney-Hyperion Books for Children; Candlewick Press; Up With Paper; Disney Productions; the Museum of Modern Art and many more.  On-screen, Foster designed the pop-ups for the opening scenes of Disney’s Enchanted. In additon, Foster has worked with some of today’s leading illustrators and artists including Chuck Fischer, Mo Willems, Marjorie Priceman, The Charles Schultz Studio (Paige Braddock), Dan Andreason, Mick Coulas, Sachiko Yoshikawa and Jason O’Malley.

With Sports Illustrated Kids: Wow! The Pop-Up Book of Sports Foster has created a feast for the eyes with art that invites the reader, young and old, to share the sensations of excitement and drama inherent each of these gripping moments. The illustrations never waver, depicting the action with clarity and vividness. In addition, the side-bar text works very well with the pop-ups, presenting some interesting background information as well as some interesting quirky details such as the best five rushers in NFL history with the numbers of yards they rushed and a chronological break-down of LeBron James first slam dunk to the 2008 Olympics.

One disappointment I do have is that there was not one scene from the world of hockey. Surely kids know more about hockey than the champion skateboarder! What happened? Nonetheless, the book is entertaining and educational at the same time, making it likely to be a hit with both parents and children and a great gift as well.

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