Author: Mary White
ISBN: 978-0-470-42682-1
Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

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Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies is an honest and comprehensive look at the world of running a bed and breakfast inn. Mary White’s realistic perspective of inn-keeping is eye-opening, yet optimistic and encouraging.

White’s book starts at the beginning, finding and purchasing the perfect property. You’ll be surprised just how delicate and demanding the process can be. White gives great advice, whether you already own your property, or looking for property, or even if you plan to build your inn.

Besides start-up information, White shares her expertise in record-keeping, rates, décor, ambiance, meal-preparation, equipment, insurance, parking… it’s exhausting to tell the truth. The section on verifying zoning, permits, and codes is startling. The truth is, the list of possibilities is formidable and laws vary from community to community. For instance, your local government might restrict your B&B’s kitchen appliances. So, if you think opening a B&B is as simple as putting fresh sheets on the guest bed and setting an extra plate at the table, think again.

White guides the serious inn-keeper through the process like a good friend. Not only will you learn what you must do, but what you should do, and what you most certainly should not do. From personality, expectations, and legalities, this book covers it all. On the other hand, if running a B&B as a hobby is your quest, White’s book is quick to pull you off that primrose path. Yes, running a B&B can be a rewarding business, but it is just that… a business. White won’t let you forget that!

This book is a must-have resource for anyone considering the business and for those already in the business. White’s approach is concise and to the point, but friendly and insightful. The title might say “For Dummies” but in truth, the book is a comprehensive reference for B&B inn-keepers.

Mary White is a former securities broker and the founder and CEO of She holds a BA degree from the University of Hartford and a MBA from Pace University.

Click Here To Purchase Running a Bed & Breakfast For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))