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Chris Phillips

Reviewer Chris Phillips: Chris is a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of his employment positions.  He often finds himself reading a book and correcting problems he discovers, even after their works have been published by well-known publishers. Chris enjoys writing to authors, when possible, and discussing problems he has seen in the reading of their work. And as he states, “there is always the chance for great intelligent conversation whenever creative minds get together.”

By Chris Phillips
Published on October 22, 2009

Author: Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 978143245279

This reviewer recommends the book to anyone who likes spy novels, thrillers, murder mysteries and Jerry Bayne. Any reader can appreciate the craft and consistency of Bayne, though.

Author: Jerry Bayne
ISBN: 978143245279

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Kill Me Twice is thriller fiction. What would any person do if they watched their own family die on the evening news? What would anyone do if they knew that it was for something they had done that their family died? “What if” seems to be a common theme in many books. And although that is what is going on here, it is really different in this case.

Bradley Cardiff is a CIA operative. He is highly trained, possibly the best that there is. He becomes involved in a meeting that turns out to be a “set-up,” and that meeting goes bad. He is chosen to be the scapegoat for the incident. That changes his perspective with his employer and makes him harder and colder. However, he can change. He finds love with Diana and they have one child, Mandi. He continues working for the CIA but not in the cold, “wet” operations as before. He begins to settle down.

One night a friend from Cardiff’s past, David, shows up and they start reminiscing. One thing leads to another and when Cardiff looks at the TV again, he sees his truck, with his friend, his wife and his daughter burning up and melting into a puddle in the inferno of a magnesium-based bomb. Someone hasn’t forgotten his past.

Throughout, there are surprises and twists that the reader can’t foresee. This is a spy thriller, a revenge thriller, a great murder mystery and even great commentary on American politics. It is a morality tale as well. Although much lies in the rather gray area, Cardiff seems to be only the protagonist, not a true hero. Rather, the hero of the book is Sgt. Detective Mike Sams, a Boston police detective very close to promotion. As the tale grabs the reader, the action grabs Sams and draws him into a moral dilemma beyond what any normal person must face.

The plot is thick and thoroughly engrossing. Unexpected twists arise and shake the reader into just one more chapter, page, or even paragraph. Although revenge is the motive, justice has to have its day as well. Cardiff is interested in justice and Sams is interested in law enforcement.

The characters are absolutely believable; from the main characters already mentioned to Mickey Stern, the new head of the CIA. James Harding, as the current President, with a past, has real concerns and real ambition to get ahead. Sam’s wife, Cary is the least developed character and even she is real to the reader.

At first glance, the book seems to be just a light reading thriller, but its social commentary is as important as the action. Bayne is able to capture some moments very well with his words; in the description of a train clerk, for example, “…Clarence was the day shift ticket clerk. He was also the spitting image of the farmer holding the pitchfork in Grand Woods’ American Gothic, except for the smile that always hung on his face.”

Bayne holds to the single plot line very well. He develops and keeps the characters consistent with the tale. It seems the book is written to entice the reader to keep going; to finish the book. This reviewer recommends the book to anyone who likes spy novels, thrillers, murder mysteries and Jerry Bayne. Any reader can appreciate the craft and consistency of Bayne, though. This reviewer cannot wait to read any other books by Bayne.

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