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Author: Donald Greco

ISBN-10: 193445429X

ISBN-13: 978-19344542


Abramo’s Gift is a special book in many ways.  It tells a touching story of recent Italian and Irish immigrants in the United States to Youngstown, Ohio, around the year 1918, and particularly the story of Abramo Cardone, who leaves behind not only his Italian homeland, but the horrors of losing his lovely wife and first born daughter to a bloody civil war.  He joins his uncle in Youngstown and starts over working in a local steel mill.  From there he really only begins his story…

Abramo’s Gift is written in a very fluid and easy to read style.  Although I found how the characters took to one another as a bit predictable (too many loves at first sight) the plot nevertheless was kept in tact.  And there is a message from this book and it is a message of  love and family:  No matter where you come from or who you are you will receive love when you give love.  Family is not always your blood kin but those you chose as well.

Don Greco I believe has written a book that should have a wide readership and should cut across the book reader demographics.  I could just as easily imagined reading this at age sixteen as I have read it this year, as I am almost forty-two years old.  Because of its message and the quality of its story and writing I would recommend this as a good gift for those people close to you, those who you love.  Recommended!

Click Here To Purchase or Find Out More About Abramo's Gift