Author: Sis Deans
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
ISBN-10: 080507337X:  ISBN-13: 978-0805073379

This book is about a little girl who lost her brother in a car accident.She can only talk to her brother in the cellar.She thinks that her parents are going to get divorced because of the death in the family.Her parents are trying to sell the house but she’s trying to stop them because that’s the only way she can  talk to her brother in the cellar. She makes all sorts of tricks to get rid of the people that are tying to look for a house.From time-to-time, she has doctor appointments to talk about her feeling and what’s going on in her life.

The book was good  but really sad that her brother died in a car accident.The book has lots of emotion and feeling .The only thing was boring about it was the doctor appointments, because it was a little bit repeating his self but has a little more detail .The author wrote some really good details in the book!