Author: James David  Jordan
ISBN: 978-0-8054-4754-5
Publisher: B & H Publishing Company

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Taylor Pasbury was taught by her father, a retired Special Forces officer, how to shoot, live off the land, hand to hand combat, and in general how to take care of herself.  This training is supplemented by a tour in the Secret Service. Now, Taylor is a lethal weapon in her own right. She has opened up a security agency of her own and finds herself in the middle of a case full of intrigue, danger, and as many twists and turns as a telephone cable. As the mystery deepens, Taylor finds she will need all her training plus all the luck she can muster just to stay alive and help her friends and her mother of all people.

An ex-client, Simon Mason, of Simon Mason Ministries, is found dead. Taylor is staying with Simon’s daughter Kacey as a security guard and friend. A top assistant and friend of everyone’s, Elise, is the number one suspect. Taylor and Kacey go to see Elise but find her in the garage with the car running. The garage is full of exhaust and carbon monoxide. Reporting the death to the Lewisville police, Taylor becomes cross wise with Officer Ed Ferrell and barely escapes jail with the help of her friend Michael Harrison from the FBI. When things don’t add up on Elise’s death for Taylor, she decides to solve the crime on her own and confiscates Elise’s cell phone without the police’s knowledge.

As the theories develop and the mystery deepens, Taylor’s day is shattered by the appearance of her mother after twenty years of being gone. It appears her mother left Taylor and her dad with no explanation and remained hidden and unheard from until now. She also lives in Dallas just a few miles from where Taylor resides. As the conversation between them starts, it becomes apparent her mother only wants to sing the “o woe is me, blues.” Taylor does not want to hear them but does get invited to breakfast next Sunday.

A phone call from a reporter, Katie Parst, and Taylor agrees to meet her at Starbucks to pick her brain for information. Seems the reporter is investigating a prostitution ring that may be related to the case Taylor is working on. Taylor spots the gun before the thugs fire and throws herself between the reporter and the shooter. Taylor gets a broken finger and a bullet graze in the side during the ordeal. Now she has a new friend for life with a lot of information.

Taylor’s visits with her mother reveals more and more suspicions. All of them center about her step father, Stanley Venable. Stanley and her mother live the good life but really, where does Stanley get his money. He says from patents but Taylor thinks otherwise. Digging up evidence against Stanley, Taylor and her mother confront him and the story takes a completely different twist and turn. Stanley declares his innocence and convinces Taylor’s mother. Taylor is hard headed.

From here on in the pace picks up and the reader has to be careful the action does not overtake him and leave him behind. As the story unfolds and the mystery is solved, the reader is hard pressed to put the novel down. It truly is a well penned page turner with a surprise ending.

James David Jordan has captured the essence of a heroine and a believable character in Taylor Pasbury. It is easy to identify with her and feel the emotions as she works a case, feel for her friends or makes those nostalgia trips back through her memories. When she gets hurt, you feel for her, when she wins, you cheer for her; you are with her and feel what she feels.

If you love a novel chocked full of intrigue, danger, murder and shrouded in mystery with a lot of twist and turns, you will like DOUBLE CROSS. It fits all these descriptors to the utmost. I highly recommend it.

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