Author: Richard Exley
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6480-5

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When you Lose Someone You Love, by Richard Exley, is a book about how to cope with the pain of grief and loss after a loved one dies. Written from a Christian perspective, the book is presented in a series of letters to a man named David, an anonymous person who represents people the author Richard Exley counseled through his career as senior pastor of churches in Colorado and Oklahoma. David asks questions and the author answers giving examples from other’s experiences including his own, quoting from the Bible, offering support, compassion, empathy and understanding.

In the book When you Lose Someone You Love, the author effectively explains the grief process originally presented by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in Death and Dying. He discusses the grief and loss stages and quotes passages from the Bible supporting the parent who has lost a child, or the family who has to live with the choice a loved one made dying by suicide-deaths that don’t make sense to those left behind.

The author reassures the reader that although the pain of grief may be more than a person can bear, there is hope if one turns towards God seeking comfort as he, the author did, when his baby sister died. He made sense of his pain and loss by turning towards “the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles,” who offers the griever help with the despair and loneliness that accompanies grief. The author is by no means suggesting that God will take away the pain. On the contrary, grief is unavoidable, and he states correctly that it is part of the human condition to grieve. The author also believes that death, like illness, is the result of sin, and sin like grieving, is also part of the human condition. He suggests that the best way to heal after a loss is to walk through the shadow of the valley of death- in other words the only way out of pain is through the pain. In the process, one may find solace in God.

When you Lose Someone You Love, is an excellent book that discusses grief without minimizing the importance of walking through the process, the struggle to find meaning when someone we love has died. A good book for people of all faiths who are grieving, or who want to know more about the process and stages of grief.

Click Here To Purchase When You Lose Someone You Love: Comfort for Those Who Grieve