Author: Andy Andrews
ISBN: 978-0-7852-2921-6
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

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Perspective has been defined as a mental view or outlook. It is how you look at things in your life from different viewpoints. Some people look at things in a singular way through only one pair of glasses and see things as being either black or white. There are those that choose to look through multi-colored glasses and see many aspects of their lives and situations through their own eyes and those of others trying to understand and develop a broader viewpoint.  Enter the Noticer, Jones an older man who appears when someone needs help in some way. The Noticer by Andy Andrews is a unique and thought provoking novel that not only stimulates the mind of the reader but forces us to look inside ourselves for the true meaning of what is important in life.

As the story begins a younger Andy, encounters this amazing older man under the Gulf State Park Pier where he is living. Working odd jobs by cleaning boats and cleaning fish and living day by day, Andy had no direction and few goals. Enter, Jones appearing almost out of nowhere, and manages to convince Andy to sit and listen and hear his words.

Jones encouraged him to read many books about people whose lives were touched with failure, romance, tragedy, intrigue and triumph and more. Each person he read about helped him to understand that with a positive attitude and perspective people will want to be around you and good things will happen. With a negative attitude no one will want you around and things will not fall into place the way you want them to. It is all in your mental viewpoint: YOUR PERSPECTIVE!  A grateful perspective, the author states will bring happiness and much more into your life

Throughout the novel we meet many people whose lives Jones touches such as Barry and Jan Hansen. Two people who belong to together but lost sight of what is important in any relationship whether marriage or in their careers: Communication is part of the answer. Through the wisdom of this amazing man he allowed these two people to learn what was right there in front of them and what they needed to do to change their perspective on marriage and life. Jones states that there are four dialects that everyone needs to understand in order to make any communication between 2 people in any type of relationship work: Physical Contact, Quality of Time, Favors and Deeds and Word of Approval. Explaining the meaning of these four dialects helped these two people understand what was missing in their relationship to make it work.

Next we meet Walker, a man who feels his life is going nowhere and focuses on being unhappy. After meeting with Jones he realizes that life should not revolve around being unhappy and the things we cannot control. If you worry about something you can do nothing about my dad used to say, why worry you can’t change the outcome or control what is going to occur. If you worry about something you can do something about he would say, why worry. Control the situation and do something about it. Jones imparted this and more to Walker who definitely had a better perspective of life after meeting him.

I love the way Jones describes relationships to the young people at the club and friendships and marriage. It is refreshing to see that they listened, questioned and determined whether what he was saying was sound or not. As he described the reasons why people marry and stayed together and how important in a relationship it is not to isolate your mate from family and friends, the reader becomes enveloped in his words and can hear them if you close your eyes and just listen. “The ability to see into the future the consequences of your choices in the present,” if only we would.

Why is it that we often feel that when we get older we are no longer a vital part of society? I guess that might be because of the ignorant people that try and make us feel that are purpose in life is over you are no longer needed on this planet. How untrue. Read what our Noticer tells Willow Callaway and you will certainly change your understanding and know how each of us as long as we are alive our job on this earth is not done or as Jones says,

Choices we all make them. Some are the right ones and others are not. Henry Warren learns the difference between the meaning of the word choice and the definition of a mistake. A man who treats his employees poorly and does not listen to his wife or respect those landscaping jobs he has to fulfill will soon learn a hard lesson in life. Does he learn and will he change his ways? You will have to read what Jones tells him and learn how whether he will change his perspective in life for his family.

The story comes full circle at the end with Jones and Andy revisiting where it all began and meeting a young man named Jason. While Jones explains that he is a Noticer and that he sees what others often overlook, we once again remember Andy and his first meeting with this man and now joining Jones with Jason in his hope to give him a new perspective.

What the people of the town learn and what happens at the end you will have to read. I think we all need a little of Jones and a lot of a better perspective on life. From the seeds that he planted in the minds of those whose lives he touched this book has taught me that positive thinking, a smile and new perspective is what everyone needs. Thanks Andy and where you are Jones: thank you too.

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