Author: Zane Sterling
 Publisher: Langdon Street Press
 ISBN 978-1-934938-71-3

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Chance Tucker and Tig Jones are best friends. Leaving their homes for different reasons they set out together determined to find their niche in life and possibly become partners in a business of their own. Setting out to find work they take jobs working for a ruthless man and his son on the Box-T-Ranch. Diligent and hard working they soon realize that small herds of cattle have been stolen and they decide to follow the trail into a series of canyons aptly named Hell’s Gate. Debt of Vengeance by Zane Sterling is more than a story about the old west. The time period was the 19th century and the place was the west where men took the law into their own hands and when wronged decided on the punishment inflicted on the guilty.

As the story begins we meet Chance and his best friend Tig searching for work and finally getting jobs when 2 men quit on the Box-T-Ranch. From the start Chance realizes that this is a mistake but when you need work you tend to overlook your gut feeling. When Chance and Tig decide to go and follow the path of these stolen cattle it leads them into territory that is not only dangerous but also proved deadly. Unfortunately, the men who stole the cattle are the same ones that hired them and the end result if fatal for Tig. Cornered in water filled tunnel with nowhere to go, Tig decides to venture out to see if it is safe to leave. It was not.

Debt of Vengence is not just a book about hate,  vengencce and revenge. The vengence will be enacted on those who committed the crime and their death will be the debt they have to pay. As his friend is shot and dies right in front of him Chance’s life will forever change and his heart will become hard and cold until he avenges his friend’s death. But, is killing the men who killed his friend in cold blood the answer? This is the old west and men made their own rules and laws?   You decide.

But, his trouble just started and after taking care of the men who killed TIg he wanders the desert and becomes disoriented only to be found a Mexican man and nursed back to health by his sister. A friendship and bond between the man, Diego and his sister Rosario Cruz form and once again his questions the direction of his life as Diego does his. Obsessed with finding a hidden treasure of gold in the caves, Chance and Diego become more than friends and finding the treasure will forever chance them both.

With a bounty on his head and a US Marshall following him and others who want to seek revenge on him for the deaths of three men, Chance has to decide whether to stay with Rosario and her family or go back to where his trouble began, Clear Fork. With a town that is owned by the people who want him dead and Sherriff who has integrity and wants justice served, can Chance get a fair trial or does he lose more than just his friend?

The author so creatively weaves a story of hope, faith, friendship, loyalty, lies and deceit with the flavor, dialect and feel of the Old West with its unsettled territories, bandits and old fashioned Eye For An Eye Justice to create a novel that goes beyond just vengeance and revenge. What is the price you would pay to avenge the death of your best friend? How far will you go to stop those who caused your pain and that of others? You need to find out Chance’s fate, the fate of Rosario, Diego and their family and others by reading this interesting, fact based novel that describes many places that we might never see or picture in a lifetime, Debt of Vengeance. But, let me leave the reader with one important thought: Debts are paid when you give the person what they feel we owe them: Money or material things or our time. Is one debt paid with the lives of others as its payment and the debt is closed when you can’t bring back the reason you are seeking the debt? YOUR FRIEND. Read this novel and you decide how far you would go for a friend.

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