A Conversation With Courtney J. Webb author of Immaculate Deception
Chris Phillips

Reviewer Chris Phillips: Chris is a veteran editor for friends and family as well as most of his employment positions.  He often finds himself reading a book and correcting problems he discovers, even after their works have been published by well-known publishers. Chris enjoys writing to authors, when possible, and discussing problems he has seen in the reading of their work. And as he states, “there is always the chance for great intelligent conversation whenever creative minds get together.”

By Chris Phillips
Published on October 6, 2009

Author: Courtney J. Webb
Publisher: Kingsford Smith
ISBN: 9780646508856

Chris Phillips, one of's reviewers interviews Courtney J. Webb

Author: Courtney J. Webb
Publisher: Kingsford Smith
ISBN: 9780646508856

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Today, Chris Phillips of interviews Courtney J. Webb author of Immaculate Deception

Ms. Webb, a British resident of Australia, has written a comedy novel titled Immaculate Deception.
The book was a delightful comedy reminiscent of the slapstick TV shows of my childhood, the Three Stooges, etc. I had the opportunity to discuss this with Ms. Webb in an email interview. The edited text follows.

Chris - Why did you choose to write Immaculate Deception?

Courtney - I chose to write immaculate deception because I used to love watching the antics of the elderly who live in my town. Plus I have an English background and could see the marriage between the two.

Chris - Were there people you know that appear in the book?

Courtney - I owned and was running a coffee shop at the time, and modeled most of my characters on my customers. My dad is also featured in the home, but I wont disclose who he is, he lives in a nursing home here but is a central character in the home, prize to who gets it.

Chris - Is the book's sense of humor your own or was this a theme idea?

Courtney - I'm shameful enough to say that the books sense of humor is all my own, when I write I can visualize things very vividly and I died laughing writing it; so hoped it would bring a smirk to others.

Chris - Is the screenplay you're working on an adaptation of Immaculate Deception?

Courtney - I am working on two screenplays at the moment, one is to adapt Immaculate Deception for movie, it will be a very funny film as I already have few scene additions up my sleeve. The other screenplay I am in progress with is another comedy however in the “Bridget Jones” style - it wont offend anyone, and in fact is based on a true story of a single woman over the age of 40 who has had to overcome many obstacles in life looking for love and success as a writer… the story is mine, but I don’t know what the ending is yet… !

Chris - Do you have any plans for more novels? Would they be sequels to this? Have you written other books? Have you published any?

Courtney - I have written two other novels prior to Immaculate Deception both romance. I have been told they are really gripping, as I love that unresolved sexual tension. I have not yet offered them up for publishing, but I will, and I think readers will realize how flexible I am as a writer. Its all about passion, and I have plenty.
I started to immediately write the sequel to Immaculate Deception, called Are You Feeling Happy?, although its shelved at the moment due to screen adaptation on the original. I could see the storyline for Immaculate Deception becoming quite a funny TV series, taking out the offensive stuff of course. But I had to make the decision which direction to go and it was definitely movie.

Chris - Why do you write?

Courtney - I write because like breathing, it’s virtually impossible for me to live without the ability to express myself on paper. I call it therapy for the soul.

Chris - How do you get your ideas for plots and characters?

Courtney - Ideas come from true life situations and people that breeze through my life, to be honest I have so many "ideas" for funny and dramatic screenplays and novels I would need to employ a team of typists to do it for me. But, I am tackling it all one step at a time.

Chris - Do you have any formal training to write?

Courtney - I have zero formal training, writing is simply a god given gift that I am thankful for, I consider myself to have raw talent, because I have never had anyone teach me how to do it properly! Receiving reviews for my book has been great, even from one lady who didn’t like the book at all. When I got good reviews I thought "wow, so its not so bad then, maybe I can write!"

Chris – (Can you) tell your readers a little (or a lot) about yourself, please?

Courtney - Ok, a typical English “Bridget Jones,” yes still waiting for that gorgeous Barrister Colin Firth to come sweep her off her feet. You will find out if I find love or not in my screen play movie the working title by the way is My Cup Of Tea.

 I was born in a Catholic Convent for single mothers, half Irish and half Hungarian. I went on TV in the UK to find my biological parents. I discovered my father had since passed but my mother was alive, and I have a half brother from my father’s side.  I spent two months searching Ireland for her to discover she lived in Surrey in the UK an hour from where I lived, but I sure loved Ireland. My mother had the same breed of dog as me (German shepherd) and two cats, like me. We are very similar, unfortunately we both were moving a lot and her partner did not approve of my existence. I have since lost contact with her which saddens me deeply.

I was educated in private Catholic convents, oh, and was expelled, not for being naughty, just for challenging the faith. You may see a relation between my feelings of contempt at times for members of the church and some of the plots in my book; although I did try to ensure that in my book the Catholics were depicted exactly as they are, a mixed bunch like all of us, good and bad.

I have had to work hard to survive, like we all do, but I have travelled a lot as I love different cultures. I do seem to have an uncanny knack of being in very dangerous situations but surviving. I think a sense of humor and a generous and honest spirit have always kept me safe from harm.

When I write, it’s like "automatic writing" for me. What I mean is that my characters tell me what they want to say or do. It’s as though I am having an out of body experience, sounds a little crazy but it’s how I do it. I type very, very fast and don’t have time to think about it. I often look at my page and go, "oh, that’s good!" I hadn't thought of that!

I often have dreams that come true, and am quite a sensitive. In my book I make reference to Michael Jackson. The book was published on the sad day of his passing. I also make reference to Patrick Swayze.   One thing I have to share, which now you will really think I am mad, but several months before Michael Jackson passed, I awoke in the morning, knowing he was going to die soon. I was distraught and rang my daughter to say we have to tell Michael Jackson to be careful. He is going to die too soon. You can imagine what my poor daughter thought of me, "Now mum, have you been writing too much?" But the overwhelming feeling of sadness for him was incredible. I tried to get hold of his PR (people, sic), but failed, but, even if I had, can you imagine what anyone would say to me!

I hope anyone who reads my book enjoys it, and I have loved sharing my heart and soul with you today.

Love and peace to you all

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