Author: Leah Orr
Illustrator: Josephine Lepore
Publisher: authorhouse
ISBN: 978-1-4389-9398-0

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Messy Tessy is a charming story of a child’s mischief followed by an adult’s compassionate and loving correction.

When Tessy’s mother leaves to go workout at the gym, Aunt Fran – Tessy’s favorite Aunt comes over to babysit.
Aunt Fran immediately falls asleep in front of the television allowing little Tessy to get into a boatload of mischief.

Tessy makes messes by pulling out all her toys, painting on the walls, cutting her hair with a pair of scissors, playing with makeup and coloring her sleeping Aunt’s hair with red streaks.When Aunt Fran wakes up, she enlists Tessy’s help to clean up the house before mom comes home.

“When Aunt Fran woke up she ran straight to my room. She cried “Hurry Tessy please get the broom.”
It seems we have some cleaning to do. In about an hour or so we can clean the house like new.”

With an ending all children will giggle at, Messy Tessy is a reminder of how children can create trouble which can usually be corrected through the guiding support of compassionate adult.

Leah Orr is best known for her first two books, Kyle’s First Crush, and Kyle’s First Playmate. Orr donates the proceeds from her Kyle book series to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Writing the books was her way of helping the charity and giving back at the same time. Her mother, Josephine Lepore, is the master illustrator of the books.

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